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    A Tale of Three Sisters...

    I Was only a boy when my father threw himself to his death on the train tracks of the Yamanote Line, the loser in a power struggle I couldn't understand at the time. Now, years later, I had joined with my brother in a plan to get revenge on the man responsible for Father's death, Shoji Okamura. My brother wants to destroy Okamura completely, even if it means pushing his three lovely daughters, Yuki, Emi and Risa, into a life of misery and prostitution. The only problem? I've fallen in love with those same three sisters...

    Three Sisters' Story's a rich, interactive adventure story for mature persons in which you control the action and determine the outcome of the game. Faithfully translated from Japanese without any mosaic censorship, story changes or "dumbing down" for American audiences, JAST USA is pleased to present this excellent product to you.

    Contributed by MAT (214465) on May 11, 2001.