Although this is clearly a Western game, style-, story-, and gameplay-wise, the first version of Crusaders of Khazan was Japanese, and could be played on a PC-98 computer under Japanese DOS. The game's designer Jon van Caneghem, whose most famous work is Might and Magic series, co-operated with Japanese developers to create a RPG that has had a strong influence on Japanese RPG-making since then.


After signing up with New World Computing, Neal Hallford's first assignment was to work on the translation of this game for the US market. The Japanese developers translated the Japanese texts into English and Hallford had to edit it into proper English. This translation made little sense, and therefore Hallford had to play the Japanese version in order to get some context (without actually speaking Japanese). However, a little later he discovered that the Japanese text was also a translation and New World Computing had a copy of the original English script in the office...

Tunnels & Trolls

This game is a computerized adaptation of Ken St. Andre's pen-and-paper fantasy role-playing game, Tunnels & Trolls.

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