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PC-98 version

The Gypsy use two incense bowls, to show the appropriate symbols of the virtues of the questions in the smoke to determine the starting stats of the Avatar
Origin logo
Title screen
Hey, leave me alone, I wanna sleep :)
The famous Ankh, the symbol of the series
Avatar and Shamino are attacked by the Shadowlords
"Avatar, I have a great surprise for thee", - says Iolo. - "Suddenly everyone in Britannia speak JAPANESE!"...
Iolo's hut
Life of a farmer...
Wilderness. At least they have signs now...
Fighting trolls
Outside of Lord British's castle. My, talk about urban growth :)
Typical town entrance with Blackthorne's stupid virtues :)
Main square
It's hard to see anything from this angle...
Gimme a mug o' beer!
LB's castle
The sad-looking throne room...
Yikes, what are those?..
It's just me, the sea, and poison fields...
Ahh, the famous "push and shoot the cannon" scene
I'm so tired, I just wanna... sit down
Yay, science!