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Valkyrie: The Power Beauties Screenshots (PC-98)

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

That's an important question! :)
Title screen
Main menu
Introducing the girls
I was just a normal teenager... which means always horny...
...and then I tried to help Moe defeat her opponents so that I could have sex with them
Choosing characters in the "fight mode"
Let's go!!..
Oh wow, the power feels good...
Oh no, I'm defeated...
Looks like she is impatient...
Overview of the battle location
Stuffed animals and sex are two most frequent themes in Japanese games. And more than often they come together
Next location: Mega Game? Maybe Moby Game? :)
The blue-haired girl hits me hard...
The obligatory cute girl
...but I still win! Victory, hip hip hooray!
Sexual choices. This picture is really erotic
Talking to the next opponent
Battle in the airport. This opponent is slow and bulky... until she starts using that earth-shattering magic!
Looks very... inviting?
Battle in front of a temple
Chatting a bit before getting into action
Beautiful hair!
Battle in a harbor
In the omake mode, you can view all the sex scenes