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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Folder - Apple II (US):
    Venture now into another mysterious maze, full of danger for the unwary adventurer. Knight of Diamonds is a scenario for experienced Wizardry players. Your characters will have to be 13th level just to survive! Will you be the first to become Knight of Diamonds?

    • Six level 3D maze

    • For ages 10 to adult

    • From 1 to 6 players

    • Maze and monsters in high-resolution graphics

    • Designed for 13th level characters and above.

    The first scenario, Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, received rave reviews:

    "This new game may open up a whole new realm of programming."

    Neil Shapiro

    Popular Mechanics

    "The most eagerly awaited adventure . . . It more than lived up to arcader's hopes . . .

    Computer Merchandising

    "Fluid 3D graphics rather than the static style."

    Roe Adams

    Instant Replay

    "Wizardry is a class game in my book."

    John Martellaro

    Peelings II

    The second scenario, Knight of Diamonds, is even better. This is the true thinking person's game.

    Knight of Diamonds is a scenario for experienced players, and requires characters developed in the first Wizardry scenario, Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.

    Contributed by ryanbus84 (35435) on Apr 12, 2020.

Back of Box - NES (US):



    Are you ready to take the next step into the world of Wizardry? A step so dangerous, the mere utterance of a spell can decimate the entire city of Llylgamyn. Knight of Diamonds is the Second Scenario in the Wizardry Master Series, the fantasy role-playing simulation for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In Wizardry Knight of Diamonds, only the bravest may venture through murky dungeons more dangerous than any ever encountered by earthly mortals. Only the most cunning may recover the magical Staff of Gnilda and save the city of Llylgamyn.

    Your team of adventurers will explore the mystery of the six-level maze. Under your leadership, warriors, wizards, clerics and thieves accumulate experience, gain knowledge and strengthen their position against enemy monsters, allowing them to venture deeper into the dangerous dungeons beneath the city. Within the dungeons hundreds of monsters, pits, chutes, rotating rooms, teleporters and much more will keep you on your toes for many hours of mystery and intrigue. Wizardry Knight of Diamonds is sure to challenge you like never before, as you battle your way through dungeon after dungeon to save the city of Llylgamyn!

    Wizardry Knight of Diamonds is a stand-along scenario on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Completion of Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is not necessary before playing Wizardry Knight of Diamonds.

    Contributed by Scribblemacher (210) on Feb 04, 2013.

From the back of the box:



    Designed by Andrew Greenberg and Robert Woodhead


    • Layered window graphics system
    • 6 incredible levels of hi-res Mazes
    • For ages 7 to adult
    • Charles Robert's Award for Best Adventure Game -GAMA
    • Certificate of Merit for Best Computer Adventure -Electronic Games
    • Critic's Choice Award -Family Computing Magazine
    • One of the Ten Best Games of the Year -Omni Magazine


    All is not well in the peaceful city of Llylgamyn. The evil usurper Davalpus had managed to kill most of the royal family and take over the kingdom.

    Davalpus was defeated, but during the ensuing chaos, the fabled, enchanted armor of the Knight of Diamonds vanished. The patron god of the city, Gnilda, looked upon the ruins of her temple and was mightily displeased. She took back her great gift to the city, the Staff of Gnilda, and decreed that only a mighty champion could reclaim it. The Oracles warn that the champion must arrive at the temple wearing the full regalia of The Knight of Diamonds in order to be deemed worthy.

    The Sages of Llylgamyn are looking to you, brave warriors, to enter the ruins of the temple of Gnilda and find the armor of the Knight of Diamonds. When you return the armor to Gnilda, the Staff will be restored to the city.

    It won't be easy. The same pair of award-winning designers that made the Proving Grounds such an unhealthy place to visit have again labored mightily to amuse, confound and delight you. The traps are tougher and the monsters are meaner. But if you survived the Proving Grounds, you should be tougher and meaner too!

    IMPORTANT: Knight of Diamonds requires characters developed in Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (Scenario #1), or other Wizardry Scenarios. You cannot play Knight of Diamonds unless you have played another Wizardry game. Characters who have not attained the 13th level of experience will have little chance of success.


    "Knight of Diamonds is the best sequel we have seen... wonderful news for thousands of people already addicted to Wizardry." --Neil Shapiro, Popular Computing

    "Wizardry left many of its fans panting for more. Their impatience for a new scenario has been rewarded with Knight of Diamonds." --Creative Computing

    "Finally, a sequel to a game that is as great as the original!" --Roe R. Adams III, Softalk

    Winner of 10 International Awards

    Play the Wizardry Gaming System: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (#1), Legacy of Llylgamyn (#3), The Return of Werdna (#4), and The Heart of the Maelstrom (#5).

    Contributed by Belboz (6580) on Aug 22, 2001.