Wolfenstein 3D Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Hmm, interesting how age ratings were given that day...
Main menu
Selecting the episode
The humorous difficulty descriptions in Japanese. Not sure if the humor still works :)
Yeeeahh!.. :)
Getting started. Episode 1 begins... with a fresh corpse
Seeing all those prisons just makes me want to... eat chicken
A typical Wolf 3D large hall with Nazi paraphernalia and soldiers wandering about
Hitler's portraits are everywhere. Yuck
What's this knight doing here?..
This is what a level exit looks like
Post-level completion statistics
Oh no!... Well... what can you do... this dog attacked you
Looks like someone was tortured in this room...
Taking on two maniacal blue-uniformed Nazis at once. Eat that, you scum!!..
Episode II begins with a psychedelic yellow sewer-themed level
With those red eyes, he could have passed for a bunny! If he didn't shout and shoot at me, that is
Yes, I know you want gold, but don't try to take on a soldier with a knife!
Wonderful weather outside, and I have nothing better to do than stare at digitized portraits of a famous mass murderer
Typical Wolf 3D maze. The level design in this game was... well... nice for its time, I guess, but Doom totally blew it out of the water
I think they overdid this whole "Hitler everywhere" thing... and what's with the artsy mosaics?..
Some signs in German. "Verboten" means "forbidden". English and German languages are closely related, you know
Machine gun helps against this crazy captain. But he is still tough!..
You can run the installation/setup program from within the game