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What Golf Was Like Long Before EA Bought Tiger Woods. SNES So Hai (371)

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GenesisGamePro (US) (May, 1994)
Pebble Beach Golf Links is one of the most comprehensive golf carts available. Golfers of all skill levels will want to take this cart out for a couple rounds. See ya in the clubhouse!
SNESN-Force (Oct, 1992)
This is definitely the golf game for the professional. No cartoon characters here - just 100 percent pure golf simulation.
80 (Mar 22, 2010)
Pebble Beach Golf Links is perfect for somebody who wants a great golfing experience for their Sega Mega Drive. This game has everything you could possibly ask for in a golf title: satisfying gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a catchy soundtrack. Pebble Beach Golf Links gets a well deserved eight out of ten.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Apr 14, 2002)
Pebble Beach isn't a bad golf game, but it really can't compete with Electronic Art's PGA Tour Golf series. The fact that there's only ONE course doesn't help its cause. EA's PGA Tour 3, released the same year, has no less than EIGHT courses. Still, Pebble Beach is easy to play, fun, and fast-paced. The shot control is unique but not much different than what you're used to. After using a round shot meter, there's a second meter that determines the type and degree of spin you apply to the ball. You also have the opportunity to adjust your stance (move your feet) before each shot. The graphics are fine, but no better than EA's games. The screen contains everything you need to judge your shot, including an overhead map, wind and lie indicators, and hole status. You can compete against 48 top golfers. I should also mention that this version of Pebble Beach Golf is much better than some of the CD-based versions, which tend to be slow and bloated with unwelcom "features".
GenesisGame Players (May, 1994)
If you're looking for a round of golf and don't care whether or not your game sets high-score records, give Pebble Beach a try. But those of you who hate golf because you end up chasing a little white ball all over the course certainly won't want to do the same in a video game.
It just seems that the majority of the golf games out there are commonly linked with the same features: club selection, stance, wind direction, and strength. When all are put together, it makes for a slow, boring game. The scrolling is slow. The cut scenes are slow. The enter pace is slow. Players with short attention spans like me don't have the patience for this. Granted, it's a good simulation, but only for golf aficionados.
SNESVideo Games (Jun, 1992)
Da ich schon mit dem Vorgänger Schwierigkeiten hatte, mein Handicap zu verbessern, machte mir auch “Pebble Beach“ zu schaffen. Davon abgesehen, sind alle “Augusta“-Fans mit dem zweiten Teil gut bedient. Ihr könnt sofort losspielen, werdet aber einiges zu tun haben, die neuen Löcher des zweiten Teils zu knacken; in einigen Fällen ist‘s infolge vieler Seen und Sandbunkern ganz schön verzwickt. Für Anfänger hingegen eignet sich das Spiel auf keinen Fall. Man muß auf ‘zig Details achten (Schläger, Treffpunkt, Fußstellung, Wind), so daß Einsteiger schnell überfordert und gefrustet sind. Technisch wurde das Spiel im zweiten Anlauf ein wenig verbessert: Die 3-D-Zooms nach oben sind zwar immer noch langsam, doch rollt und fliegt der Ball jetzt realistischer als beim Vorgänger. Die “Preis-pro-l.och“-Relation läßt zu wünschen übrig.
GenesisGame Players (Nov, 1994)
I did not like Pebble Beach. The bells and whistles were way too complicated for the average player. It was very difficult to move through all of the different functions - very awkward. There were just too many levels or options available to you. It was frustrating moving through the different options to get to a point where you could actually do something.