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WindowsGamernode (Sep 11, 2008)
With Penumbra: Requiem, Frictional Games has taken parts of the Portal design philosophy, coated the product in the Penumbra series skin, and injected their own unique style of gameplay to make a sort of mixed-breed game that's fun, but ultimately less captivating than its predecessor. For $10 by itself or $20 bundled with Black Plague (required to play Requiem), however, this expansion to the Penumbra series is still worth picking up.
WindowsCheat Code Central (Sep, 2008)
At a reasonable price of $20, Black Plague is a short but fulfilling sequel. For $10 more, Requiem is a solid add-on expansion that offers a more puzzle-oriented twist on the series' interesting blend of gameplay and extends the adventure by a few hours. It's a decent way to wrap up the Penumbra series, even if it isn't the full third installment in what was once promised to be a dark and intriguing trilogy.
WindowsIGN (Sep 12, 2008)
As an end to Frictional's Penumbra series, Requiem leaves something to be desired. While its puzzle and gameplay structure remains entertaining and satisfying, the expansion removes a few major elements of what made the Overture and Black Plague so appealing. That by no means makes it a bad game, but with no coherent narrative drive and the removal of a sense of danger, the game just doesn't possess the same kind of immersive draw of its predecessors.
WindowsGame Captain (Nov 02, 2008)
Ohne eine nennenswerte Story und die Gegner fehlt schlichtweg ein wichtiger Baustein der Penumbra-Serie. Die Rätsel hingegen, die zweite große Stärke der Reihe, haben diesmal einen noch größeren Stellenweit. Sie sind wieder durchweg gelungen und abwechslungsreich. Insbesondere die Physik-Rätsel sowie die verschiedenen Lösungsmöglichkeiten motivieren ungemein. Penumbra-Veteranen, die schon in den Vorgängern vor allem viel Spaß an den Knobeleien hatten, können daher einen drei- bis vierstündigen Trip nach Grönland wagen.
WindowsDigital Chumps (Sep 23, 2008)
Penumbra is a fine adventure game series and Requiem caps things off fairly well. You can find both Black Plague and Requiem cheap online, and if you want a solid , eerie adventure, it's well worth your money. Hopefully we'll see more from Frictional Games in the future.
74 (Oct 08, 2008)
Despite the major changes, most of them for the worse, Requiem is not a failure or a bad experience. Sure, it’s worse than the first two stand-alone episodes and I can understand why some might be angry with the producers, myself expecting a tad more out of it. Even so, I consider the 10 dollar cost money well spent, but it’s important to know that you need the second game of the series previously installed to run this expansion.
WindowsHooked Gamers (Nov 15, 2008)
Penumbra: Requiem is also a very short game, clocking in between two to three hours, fortunately the game is budget priced making the short play time slightly easier to stomach. In the end the game may not be a worthy addition to the Penumbra series but it is not a bad game in its own right. If you can get past the budget look of the game and accept it for what it is, a fun environment based puzzler, then you should find plenty to like in Penumbra: Requiem.
70 PC Gaming (Oct 01, 2008)
Requiem’s very short, shorter than the episodic release before it. At around 4-5 hours, the $10 price tag is fair. There’s not a lot to talk about as to Frictional’s expansion, other than that it focuses on the puzzle aspect of the series and largely ignores its other major component, namely the tense atmosphere. It doesn’t mean that Requiem is a mediocre game – it’s not that, at all – but it does prove that the series is greater than the sum of its parts. So, consider Requiem as not a full-fledged Penumbra game but rather a small add-on that should keep you busy and humbled for a weekend.
68 (Mar 13, 2009)
Mitään kovin mullistavaa ei kuitenkaan ole tarjolla, eivätkä sarjan aiempien pelien veteraanit luultavasti saa mahdollisesti kaipaamaansa loppukaneettia tarinalle, niin irrallisia kaikki tapahtumat ovat. Synkkä tosiasia on, ettei peli oikein tunnu kokonaiselta tai valmiilta tuotteelta: runko on kasassa, mutta punainen lanka puuttuu.
WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming (Oct 19, 2008)
While Penumbra: Requiem is a great puzzle game by itself, in some ways it may disappoint diehard fans of the series because of its lack of a good story. If not for the story from the previous games (who can forget Red?), this game can easily be played as a standalone title. Although some of the game’s puzzles are indeed amusing or even clever, the game just cannot reach the same level of quality or entertainment value as other similar derivatives like Portal.
WindowsDeaf Gamers (Oct 14, 2008)
Without adding to the storyline Penumbra: Requiem is basically a series of logic and physics-based puzzles with occasional echoes of the previous two Penumbra titles. That's not to say it isn't worth around four hours of your time and at just €9.99 it's certainly not expensive but those wanting anything more than just the puzzles will feel disappointed. Given that we've had three Penumbra titles after all, it's a shame that episodes two and three were compressed into Black Plague when the storyline could have been kept to the originally planned three episodes. The need to release an addition with practically no storyline would then not have arisen. The series as a whole needed a richer storyline to complement the enjoyable game-play and it's a real shame it was so lacking in this respect.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Sep 30, 2008)
This isn’t a long review because there simply isn’t much to say about Penumbra: Requiem – some abstract machinery puzzles in a slightly scary environment with an underwhelming bit of story, and that’s about it for a title that’s too little like its own predecessor and too derivative of another, better game for its own good. If you’re new to Penumbra, look to Black Plague before even considering this expansion, since you’ll need both in any case. For existing series fans, the story of Penumbra was already adequately concluded, and the events of this epilogue don’t really change or add anything to it, standing alone as an almost entirely separate experience. As a game it’s not unpleasant but as an add-on it’s anything but essential.
60 (Sep 25, 2008)
Difficile de cacher notre déception vis-à-vis de cette conclusion à notre généreuse trilogie de l'ombre. Dépossédé de son atmosphère oppressante, Penumbra ne fait plus figure que de sympathique casse-tête. Les fans auront néanmoins plaisir à résoudre ses énigmes et à accompagner Philippe au bout de son voyage.
MacintoshGames4Mac (2008)
Dene Carter von den Lionhead Studios sagte vor kurzem: „Der Spieler will neue Erfahrungen machen, sonst langweilt er sich.“ Und nimmt man diese Aussage als Maßstab, hat das Addon schon verloren. Und doch werden sich viele Penumbra Spieler nur zu gerne in das mit rund zehn Euro günstige Rätsellabyrinth begeben. Dafür werden sie mit stets fairen und gut gestalteten Rätseln belohnt, welche zwar niemanden überraschen, aber zumindest für kurze Zeit unterhalten.
WindowsAdventure Island (Mar 30, 2008)
Penumbra: Requiem is een puzzeladventure met erg goede puzzels en geweldige muziek. Maar deze adventure is wel de minste uit de serie. Ik mis een verhaal, de angst en de kippenvelfactor wat de eerdere spellen zo heerlijk maakten. Het zijn nu gewoon losse levels waardoor het niet echt een geheel vormt. Verder zijn er aanpassingen op gameplay gebied die niet goed uitpakken en soms zelfs erg frustrerend zijn.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Sep 24, 2008)
Wer an den bisherigen Penumbra-Spielen vor allem die Physikrätsel mochte, der bekommt mit Requiem günstig-guten Nachschub. In den abwechslungsreichen, fairen und angenehm fordernden Nachdenk-Situationen glänzt die für die Serie typische Designqualität. Alles andere dagegen fehlt, insbesondere die beklemmende Atmospähre; Requiem ist weder spannend noch überraschend. Unter dem Strich bleibt ein unbefriedigendes Knobelhäppchen.
WindowsGamingExcellence (Dec 01, 2008)
Penumbra: Requiem, as a game, doesn’t know what it is. It’s a puzzle game without a story pushed into an adventure game with a story, and it feels ham-handed in its implementation. It’s supposed to finish up the series, and it certainly does in more ways than one, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. A plain puzzle game, a disappointing Penumbra game, and in the end, forgettable.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Nov 26, 2008)
Фирмачей по-своему понимаешь и жалеешь. Побольше попсовости, поменьше смысла — рецепт многих успешных проектов современности. Но разве того ждали фанаты от кудесников инди-казематов? Разве Portal, зачатый там же, в любительской утробе, требует подражаний? Зависть — смертный грех, и расплачиваться за него смертной скукой нам не пристало.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Mar 30, 2009)
In order to have a better understanding of Requiem, I went back and played the first few levels of Black Plague, which must be installed on your system in order to play Requiem. I’m glad that I did, because Frictional has made improvements from the former to the latter; you can save as much as you want and wherever you want in Requiem, there are no loading screens in the middle of the levels, and you don’t have to worry about some zombie with a flashlight sneaking up on you as you try to figure out the puzzles, most of which are more frustrating than they are difficult. If you want to have even a small understanding of what’s going on in Requiem, you have to play Black Plague. Otherwise, you’re left with a flawed and annoying, yet atmospheric and creepy, adventure game that’ll have you reaching for the Ben Gay for your aching mouse arm.
WindowsAceGamez (Oct, 2008)
Penumbra: Requiem is by far the worst game in the series. As an expansion pack it fails on many levels, which is a shame considering that Overture and the improved Black Plague were very involving games with excellent use of sound and shadows. Requiem was meant to tie up all the loose ends but unfortunately it's turned out to be a fairly average platformer lacking any of the originality to be found in the rest of the series. I know that Frictional Games possess the creativity and talent to produce far better offerings than this and so I'm hopeful of a return to form for their next release. Just don't make the mistake of picking up this one while you wait…