The Perfect Golf Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Opening video
Main title
Loading screen animation
Main menu
Advice menu
Rules & manner
List of rules and manner
Rule and manner when starting the play
Stretching and warming up is important
Advices from a professional golfer
Simulation menu
Player character info
Searching golf courses by regions
Using the fox mascot to navigate through Hokkaido
List of golf courses
Selected golf course info screen
Golf course menu screen
The map of Japan
Selected course hole info table
Selecting the game type, 1, 9, or 18 hold match
Character select screen
Starting the first shot
Top-down view of the terrain
Shot menu
Setting the swing strength
Sending the ball flying
The bunker will make it harder for me
Going beyond the flag but still within the limit
Closing in on the hole
On the green
Straight terrain shouldn't cause any problems here and now
And the ball is going in
Double bogey... not bad for my first try at the game, if I do say so myself