Flash Attack Trivia (Commodore PET/CBM)

Flash Attack Commodore PET/CBM Title screen.


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4.0 ROM PETS version

The original version doesn't work on the 4.0 ROM PETs. Larry Anderson developed a fixed version called the 4.0 version.

BBS version

After Timothy Stryker found MajorBBS. The game was recreated for the service. This version allowed dial up connection of up to four players and featured other differences as well, such as the ability to have multiple tanks active at once.

Commodore 64 remake

  • A fan-made remake for the Commodore 64/128 was in the makes, but development appears to have been abandoned (as of 2011).
  • The remake was planned to be able to interface with the original PET version as well.

Game Contents

  • The game was originally sold for $15 and required a Parallel Cable which cost at least just as much in stores, but could also be made by hand relatively easy.
  • The 'manual' consists of a few photocopied dot-matrix pages.

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