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Phantasy Star Screenshots

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Korean Title Screen
Intro Scene
The heroine, Alys (Korean version)
In Game #1
In Game #2
In Game #3
Found a treasure chest in a dungeon-like room
A typical dungeon door
When you position yourself in front of a character, you enter a first-person view with great backgrounds
Visiting a house, talking to a character
Buying weapons
In a church
Outside your home town... still within the walls
The towns look pretty much alike. You decide to go shopping
Battle in a forest
Check out the great mountain backgrounds
Bees and scorpions always carry treasure chests
Go to the beach...
Blue dungeon. Much like the green one, only... well... blue
Second-hand shop?! What the... Hey, I want only new stuff! I've already got 65 mesetas!
Suicide seems like the best solution when you are tired of leveling up
Discovered a cave
It's dark. And it will stay that way unless you bring a torch
Fighting the golden dragon on the way to Lassic.
Phantasy Star's cast.
Your entire quest has led up to this moment.