Phantom 2040 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
Main menu
Incoming message
In the jungle
Don't come closer to the gator.
Climbing a platform

Genesis version

intro screen
title screen
metropia in chaos..
..evil villians
..but theres hope!
the lair
part of the action
using the induntance rope properly is vital
the inventory, theres a lot of weapons to collect and use
Hanging on the rope
Fighting against a robot
A boss fight
During the boss fight, secondary enemies were eliminated
A cut-scene
enemies- two sides to shoot, one on the edge
metal torso
tip - avoid the flames

SNES version

Title Screen
Ready for chapter 1
The city map
What a waste of these nice robots !
Some kind of mid-level boss ?
Maximum building (stage 1)
Wow ... one of these robots explodes in front of us
Cut sequence
Huge level-boss
Our hero is using the "Inductance Rope" to swing to the next balcony
Game Over !