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Genesis 8 4.1
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Combined User Score 8 4.1

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GenesisSupersonic (Jun, 1992)
Phelios est, dans l'ensemble, un shoot'em up sympa et bien réalisé !
GenesisPlayer One (Jan, 1992)
Phelios n'est pas dénué de défauts, certes. On peut lui reprocher, pêle-mêle, sa trop grande ressemblance avec Dragon Spirit (un autre hit de Namcot), ses graphismes un rien naïfs qui ne plaisent pas à tout le monde et une certaine lenteur, le passage du 60 Hz japonais au 50 Hz français n'étant pas étranger à ce phénomène. Il se démarque néanmoins par un charme qui en fait bien plus qu'un banal clone. Une ambiance bien à lui, une réalisation soignée et un thème original, c'est plus qu'il n'en faut pour en faire mon jeu de chevet. Bouge pas poulette, j'arrive !
GenesisJoypad (Mar, 1992)
Phelios est, il ne faut pas en douter, l'un des meilleurs shoot them up sur la Megadrive. Les musiques sont plutôt sympas, les graphismes fins et agréablement colorés, contrairement à certains autres, et l'animation, sans être d'une rapidité optimale est excellente. Les scrollings, latéraux et horizontaux sont souvent sur plusieurs plans, ce qui ne gâche bien évidemment rien au spectacle. Ce n'est pas la peine d'épiloguer sur Phélios qui, sans fournir beaucoup de points nouveaux dans cet univers saturé qu'est le shoot them, tire habilement son épingle du jeu. Alors, avis aux nombreux amateurs!
One of the better vertical shooters out for the Genesis, Phelios has very good game play filled with lots of shooting action. Although it isn't original in concept, it is both challenging and well executed throughout!
You know the drill by now. Fly around, shoot a bunch of evil stuff, gather the power ups, fight a boss, watch a cinema scene, then keep moving forward. Here, at many of the cinemas, we're treated to a really nice view of Artemis' heaving bosom as she waits for us to rescue her. She speaks to us in a slightly above average Genesis digitized voice, and if that's not enough to get you to grab this cart, hell, we've got Medusa, dragons, skeletons, disembodied heads, phantasms, and all sorts of neato creatures. Hey, as far as I'm concerned, any game that includes villains who attack by throwing their own heads at you is AOK, and we've got 'em here. After having played it, I would have bought it even if it wasn't buried at the bottom of the bargain bin. Get your copy today!
GenesisPower Play (Oct, 1990)
Prima Premiere: "Phelios" ist zwar kein Ausnahmemodul, aber allemal ein technisch tadelloses und spielerisch durchdachtes Ballerspektakel. Die Grafik macht ordentlich was her (inklusive allerfeinstem Parallax-Scrolling), die Levels sind schön abwechslungsreich, Extras kommen zur rechten Zeit und der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist wohl dosiert. Um die Feinde erfolgreich zurückzuschlagen muß man geschickt zwischen Normal- und Beam-Schuß (während er sich auflädt, kann nicht gefeuert werden) abwechseln. Ein Bonus-Keyboard gebührt dem Musikus, der stimmungsvolle Melodien und knackige Sound-Effekte aus dem Mega Drive herausgeholt hat.
GenesisPlay Time (Mar, 1992)
Die Gegner sind toll in Szene gesetzt, gut animiert und greifen in immer lösbaren Formationen an, was erheblich zur Motivation beiträgt. Die gute Steuerung, schöne Endgegner und ein spitzen Spielfeeling machen Phelios zu einem Ballerspiel, das sich gewiß nicht vor der Konkurrenz verstecken muß!
60 (Jul 10, 2004)
Overall, Phelios is a game that's full of promising ideas, but it fails miserably in trying to tie them all together and form a fine shmup out of them. The game seems unfinished and rushed at times and leaves much to be desired. Also, the last boss battle is so incredibly hard and frustrating that it's no fun anymore. So I can't really recommend Phelios. It's not a bad game, but it's not very good either. I imagine it could have been much better.
GenesisSega Does (Nov 19, 2016)
While I love the idea of a shoot-em-up based around Greek mythology, Phelios is wildly uneven. The shooting is adequate, but the lack of long-lasting power-ups is disappointing. The difficulty borders on cheap, due to the absolutely-necessary-but-painfully-slow charging mechanic and Apollo/Pegasus’ large sprite. The boss designs are wonderful, but the stage layouts are surprisingly barren and lacking in creativity – a shame, given the source material. Namco should be commended for adding a bit of color to a monochromatic genre. I just wish the end result was more fulfilling.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Jun 05, 2008)
All three buttons do the same thing (fire), but holding one down produces a powerful "charged" shot. You'll want to apply these liberally, especially on the bosses who otherwise take forever to kill! Heck, even common foot soldiers seem unphased by the normal shots. The stages of Phelios feature temples and green meadows, but the lack of detail understates their grandeur, and I have no idea what the steel girders are doing in the third stage! There are some modest scaling effects, like when Apollo takes a hit and falls from his steed. The audio features a triumphant musical score, but the garbled voice samples are really hard to decipher. Simple in design but challenging as hell, Phelios is not a bad option for those looking for a back-to-basics shooter.