Pia Carrot e Yōkoso!! 2 Screenshots (Dreamcast)

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Dreamcast version

Main title
Opening movie showing Azusa up close
Opening movie showing title on the included Drama CD
Opening movie showing summer memories on the beach
Opening movie showing a scene with Aoi
The heroines
Main menu
Entering the protagonist's name
Uniform select screen
Selected uniform will be visible in the short introductory video
The story starts in the middle of summer
A sudden collision
It doesn't pay to be in a hurry... or does it?
Dialogue box can be toggles off to see clear background with character art
Talking to a waitress
In the office with Mina
A dialogue choices during the conversation
Running into Aoi outside the apartment
Delivery with an angry face
List of actions you can perform while in your room, which will affect your character stats
You can check the data of heroines you have met thus far
Checking Azusa's data
Checking Mina's data
This girl sure likes to drink
Karaoke singing
Aoi drank just a tad too much
At the Pia Carrot restaurant with Mina