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Back of Case (US):

    After crash-landing on an alien world inhabited by tiny Pikmin, Captain Olimar has returned to his home world to find out that his employer, Hocotate Freight, has been driven to the brink of bankruptcy! Now, Olimar must return to the Pikmin planet with his trusty assistant, Louie, to find valuable treasures in a desperate bid to pay back their company’s massive debt!

    Two for one! Split command of your Pikmin forces using Louie, Olimar’s ever-hungry sidekick, and use strategy to defeat your foes!

    Bring back the booty at your own pace! Delve deep underground into enemy-infested caverns and collect hundreds of priceless alien artifacts – this time, with an unlimited number of days to explore!

    New colors, new powers! Burly purple Pikmin and poisonous white Pikmin make your treasure-seeking, predator-pummeling squad even more dangerous!

    Clash with your friends! Pit your Pikmin squad against a friend in furious two-player vs. battles, or join forces and play cooperatively to take on challenge arenas!

    Contributed by gamewarrior (5100) on Nov 04, 2004.