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Pilotwings Screenshots

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen (normal mode)
Each of the 8 lesson consists of 2 to 4 different missions that you can play in any order
A typical mission objective, explained by flight instructor Shirley
Scoring explained, on every mission you can earn 100 points by: 1. performing the mission objective (like going through a series of rings), 2: performing your task within a certain time and 3: executing an accurate and controlled landing.
Skydiving part 1: Climbing towards 5000 feet.
Skydiving part 2: Freefalling through a series of rings
Skydiving part 3: Use the parachute to land on the target
Before every lesson you get to see the lesson-map with the targets for the missions the lesson consists of
The controls for the rocketbelt. Each craft has different controls
Flying around with the rocketbelt
The overhead view (rocketbelt only) can aid you with landing
Crashed with the rocketbelt!
You need to do (very) well on each of the missions to score enough points to complete a lesson
Light Plane part 1: Taking off
Light Plane part 2: You need to fly underneath the arch in the background
Light Plane part 3: Landing. Landing in the middle of the runway results in many accuracy points
When you do score enough points you advance to the next lesson and receive a password. You can't save your game in between missions
The start of an hangglider mission. Note the strenght and direction of the wind, which plays an important role in the handling of each craft
Flying through a ring. The white clouds represent the thermal current, you'll need to ride it to gain height
Bad landing!
Dramatic plot change; after lesson 4 you get to play a secret command level... which you get to fly a chopper and shoot down baddies. When you complete this level the game enters expert mode
When you complete some special objectives (like landing on a moving target) you get to play a bonus game like this one (bounce on a series of trampolines)...
..or this one; let the penguin dive into the swimming pool

Official Screenshots

  • Pilotwings Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Pilotwings Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Pilotwings Screenshot
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  • Pilotwings Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop
  • Pilotwings Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop