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Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Francis, our hero.
I suppose the platform-ness of the game could be concealed a little better.
Now the adventure begins.
At first, like many other games, there is a tutorial which is presented within your first initial encounters. Here's learning how to use a pistol.
Stabbing that mechanism probably will not make it budge.
A save portal. Be careful though, you can only save depending on how many enemies you've killed and how many points you've saved.
This ship is your ticket outta this island. But you gotta fix it first. Cutscenes are presented in a widescreen format for no apparent reason.
Quests you get are listed and explained here.
Looking at the island from the beach. What a pretty sight!
Ooh a cannon! This game would rock if I could actually use it.
Awesome! I'm using the cannon to blast open those gates!
This statue gives Francis an eerie feeling.
Whoa! I almost tripped off the ledge!
Showing a baboon your fancy swash buckling moves. Yes a bit excessive I'd agree.