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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
Main Menu
Game Settings Menu
Westwood animated logo for this game only.
You collect pages of scrapbook as you progress through the game, and they give you info on some conceptual art of this game, but you start with 33 out of 233.
(Intro opening) Game starts as a legendary story of a renowned pirate ship.
Map of the Pirates.
Every island-map show you the locations you must yet visit in order to progress.
Loading screens vary, but they always depicts what's coming next, weather you're about to go sailing, ship combat, fencing, etc..
Katarina De Leon, the main female protagonist of the game.
Ingame options can be selected only when you pause the game.
Entering the portal to... somewhere.
Some skeletons just doesn't like people to dig around their graves.
Invoking the rain of fire (you must be at exact position to do that, though).
That parrot (the one along the road) is the only place where you may save your games.
You must be near the dock if you want to exit the ship mode and continue on foot.
One down, one more to go. The game starts with this exact battle, though.
Battling against the fort is thrice as harder, since there are at least three cannons mounted on top of each. Plus it barely ever misses.
Bumping into an enemy ship can make a certain amount of damage if you do it right, otherwise, you may loose a sail of two.
Sometimes, enemy ships will try to escape, and you'll have to use a special wind ability to get closer.
Finding a chest isn't that hard, but finding a key for it could be.
You can either attack or block enemy attacks with sword and a dagger.
When in walking-mode, you cannot go over water, not even on shallow bits.
Some small forts may be out of your ship's reach, but they cannot turn their turret for 360 degrees, so there should be some safe zones at close distance, also.
You can zoom and rotate map in every mode, and make it close up or to look at top-down.
Somewhere over the frozen lands, these towers are shooting gas grenades, as well.
When on land, you can enjoy winter holidays, there's even Jack Frost somewhere around.
Nope, this is nowhere near hell, but the heat's the same, though.
When in ship-mode, you can play in first-person perspective, gives you better reality mode, and close-ups.
This is a 3rd-person perspective, only zoomed in. Detail level is so great you can even see your crew onboard.
A small port at night, and a place to start the storytelling
When out-shipped, it's time to try and negotiate
Seeking the treasure in the land of the dead
Captain's quarters
Kat and Salty
Ship ahoy!
This cavern is said to hold great treasure

Xbox version

Main Title
Company Logo
Main Menu
Opening cinematic starts the storytelling of game's events.
Loading screens vary of numerous pre-rendered and hand-drawn artwork.
Your very first ship battle, more like an easy tutorial.
Sometimes ramming the enemy ship can cause a massive damage.
Your father confronting Hawke... though chances are rather slim.
Katarina de Leon, the main protagonist, ready to follow her mother's footsteps and become a pirate.
World map, though in order to travel to other places you must find map for each.
Zooming in on the Kat, looking rather crystal if you compare it to the effect you get of PlayStation 2.
Finding some buried treasure.
Fighting against giant crabs.
Teleport Ring has a power to teleport you on any place on the world map, but you never know what all sorts or danger lurks there.
Performing special sword attack against two pirates.
It is only fair to take the gold of defeated pirates since that was their intention to start with.
A parrot is a symbol for savegame spots, they are pretty much on every island to be found.
The docks are the only places where you can in or out of the ship.
You can zoom enough to see Katarina and her crew on the ship.
Gunfight in a small cove.
Fight in the open sea.
Enemy ship in flames.

Official Screenshots

  • Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Screenshot
    Electronic Arts UK Press Extranet, 2001-05-18
  • Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Screenshot
    Electronic Arts UK Press Extranet, 2001-05-18
  • Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Screenshot
    Electronic Arts UK Press Extranet, 2001-05-18
  • Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Screenshot
    Electronic Arts UK Press Extranet, 2001-05-18