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Pit-Fighter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Choose your fighter.
Your next opponent.
Let's go.

Amstrad CPC version

Fighter Selection
Get Ready
Ty vs. Executioner
Ty suffers a major blow
Ty is down
An eye for an eye
Executioner wins the match
Match statistics
Ty vs. Southside Jim
Ty jumping

Arcade version

Title screen
Challengers introduction
Fighter selection
Match number
Opponent introduction
Let's start
Knee in action
Power hook
Stretching the leg
Bloody face kick
Record K.O. time
Fight summary
Southside Jim
Throwing the boards
Knocking the lying opponent
Grudge short match - last fighter standing wins
Angel with the barrel
Game over
High scores

Atari ST version

Company Logo
Title Screen
Conversion Credits
Buzz Intro
Ty Intro
Kato Intro
1P Selection Screen
2P Selection Screen
The Current Champ Taunts You
First Match - Two Opponents At The Same Time
Here We Go!
Give Your Partner Some Assistance
2nd Opponent
Eat This!!
Grudge Match
Knock Him Out Before He Does
Fighting A Hot Chick In A Bar
Hitting Her In The Back
Finish Her!!
Time To Put Your Hands On The Money
Game Over
High Scores

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The fighters
Pick your poison
A second player may still join in.
Number of the match
Evaluation after winning
The second match includes weapons

DOS version

Title Screen
Choose your fighter
Choose your fighter: Buzz
Choose your fighter:
Choose your fighter: Kato
The endboss taunts you
The fight begins
The fight begins
His special move
To the winner go the spoils

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Fighter Selection
Over-the-top Wrestling Move
The winner gets a ride on a forklift!

Genesis version

Title screen
Select one of the four fighters
Knock your opponent down to finish him off.
Grudge bonus round: last man standing wins
The final opponent taunts you in between fights.
Some fighters have spectacular moves.
After each fight, you get a summary of your style and the earned cash.
Fight 7: Angel is a tough one.
Some opponents have devastating moves like this cannonball run.
Knock your opponent in the crowd or use the objects scattered around for a brutality bonus.
Highscores screen

Lynx version

ROM init screen
Fighting the Executioner
Lynx hardware scaling gives illusion of depth
Tallying the fight purse (and your performance) at the end of a fight
The crowd is more than looks -- they can attack and push you if you get too near
Grudge matches are purely for show and money
Fighting a grudge match against yourself
Not all of your opponents are men
Kicking you when you're down is a favorite tactic of the computer. Luckily, you can do it too.
A kick to this biker's groin
Good lord, he's big! Fighting Chainman Eddie

SEGA Master System version

Pick your character
Get psyched
They change colour when beaten
The end of match money counter
Southside Jim
The Executioner
Hes hopping mad
Grudge Match
Kick your opponent into the crowd
Stay standing during grudge match and you get more money
Someones a bit miffed
Pick up the crates and throw them
Throwing stars are scattered on the floor
Careful of the Ferrari
Did you spill my pint
Fighting mad Miles
Chuck the vase at him
Game Over
Enter your name in the high scores
8th out of ten

SNES version

Title screen.
Kato is the chosen fighter!
Next fight
Punched in the head
Knocked down
Kicking back
Besides the baying crowd
Awesomely Done
Next opponent
Thrown in the air
Kick him hard
Kicked down
You lost

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen
A still from the animated character screen
Select your fighter
Ty's high kick is quite powerful
The Executioner land a flying kick on Buzz's head
C.C Rider likes nothing more than to kick you in the shin
The boss taunts you between fights
In a grudge match you have to fight yourself
Losing the grudge match results in humiliation
You can pick the enemy up and throw them
Don't underestimate Angel as she's quite fast
Angel is very acrobatic
You fight purse is added up at the end of each fight