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Pitfall! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 2600 version

Title screen / starting the game
Use ropes to swing over bottomless pits and swamps
Ah, some treasure!
Swinging over some alligators
Score has reached 20,000 points... now eligible to take a Polaroid snapshot of the TV screen and send it to Activision to receive the "Explorer's Club" patch and join the team of Pitfall enthusiasts!
A beautiful diamond ring! It is certainly a dazzling treasure to pick up! It is also the rarest treasure, and worth the most points.
Escaping the bite of a dangerous rattler!
Entering the catacomb of tunnels below... it is a different world down there.
Death by a Scorpion! If you don't time your jump just right, your fate will be sealed underground...

Atari 5200 version

Title screen; titles scroll along the bottom
One of the many screens you'll explore
A treasure on the other side of this pit!
Jumping over a log...
Swinging over a pit
Careful, don't get eaten by crocodiles!

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen; titles scroll along the bottom
Swinging on a vine
I found some gold!
Be careful when hopping on an alligator
Swing on the vine to get across this pit
Leaping over a hole in the ground
Found gold, but it's on the platform above me
D'oh! A dead end...

ColecoVision version

Title screen
The starting location
Swinging over a bottomless pit
Jumping over logs
Ah, some treasure!!
Some hungry alligators

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Jumping over some rolling logs
Swinging over some hungry alligators!
Ah, there is some treasure here!
Swinging over a bottomless pit

Intellivision version

Title screen
The starting location
Swinging on a rope
Ah, some treasure!
Hopping on some alligators

MSX version

Title Screen
Jump over the lumber

Official Screenshots

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