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Playhouse Disney's Stanley: Wild for Sharks! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Stanley in his room - some of the model pieces are scattered around
Stanley's goldfish, who functions as a kind of onscreen "help"
Stanley has frequent flights of imagination - here, he pretends to be a penguin
Choose the number of fish that comes after four...
Find the dolphins that make the same sounds (that's Stanley's mother paddling by in the background)
Emphasis on cooperation, as Stanley's brother reaches a model piece for him
Stingray Stanley collects points and shark teeth in an arcade-style game
Browsing the Great Big Book of Everything
On this page all the main games are available
Guide Octopus Stanley through the maze and collect the model piece before the crab does
Fitting the model together
Many things in the bathroom are clickable and impart informatiion about sea animals
Find the "hidden" seahorses and match them to their shapes
Match pairs of octopi
Choose the true answer if you can!
Find the turtle with the number of dots matching the number in the corner
Finding an animal card
Stanley imagines what might happen if his brother steps on the skateboard
Pick the fastest animal then watch the race to see if you were correct
Stanley has a little discussion with a shark
Show and Tell time
Turn out the light, Stanley!