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90 (Jul 02, 2014)
Aban Hawkins & the 1001 Spikes is a difficult game to ignore. From the time we played it at E3 last year to now, very little has changed. Though the wait seemed like forever, it makes sense given the incredible execution in development. Nicalis’ investment in this small title has yielded a tough game for players who think they are worthy of s challenge. More importantly, the impeccably designed levels speak to the heart of any gamer that grew up with the kind of experiences 1001 Spikes pays homage to.
PSN Stores (Jul 05, 2014)
It is the best of games, it is the worst of games. In an age of tutorials, user-friendliness, and other sorts of hand-holding, 1001 Spikes stands out in its utter disregard for the player’s sanity. This is the closest I’ve gotten to throwing my controller since playing Chris in PixelJunk Shooter 2 online. I have learned things about myself in playing this game. For one, I have evolved from a remote tosser to a pillow puncher, which is a lot less expensive. My girlfriend hates 1001 Spikes and she has never played it. I guess it’s tough to sell the compulsive feeling of ‘gotta-beat-it gotta-beat-it gotta-beat-it AWWW COME ON!” to non-gamers. If you want a platformer that will keep you on your toes till the very end, you won’t go wrong here. Before you pick up the controller, though, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: Do I feel gamer? Well, do ya, punk?
Gamegravy (Jun 06, 2014)
1001 Spikes is a very fun and overly challenging 2D platformer that most old school gamers will appreciate. Even though there is no online multiplayer it still holds a good replay value with the unlocks to get and trying to beat those speed runs to have self fulfillment. The visual style is very fitting and compliments the play style to give it that 80’s feel. There are so many games out today that try to push that old school interest and I feel Nicalis did a great job delivering with 1001 Spikes. For $14.99 it may be a bit steep priced but, it will definitely hold your interest if you love that punish and rewarding game style.
IGN España (Jun 10, 2015)
1001 Spikes es ese plato de lentejas que de pequeño te daba repelús y que ahora te comerías todas las semanas. Es muy difícil y en ocasiones desesperante pero su diseño de niveles y la sensación de gratificación que siente el jugador al atravesar sus diferentes fases convierten esta pesadilla en un plato que te acabas comiendo a gusto.
Shacknews (Jun 06, 2014)
It'll take a long while to get through the game's crazy six worlds, and even then, it has plenty more to offer. The impatient will probably give up just a few levels in, but the devoted will find a lot to enjoy with 1001 Spikes. It's a fitting tribute to the games of old, while embracing a challenge level that today's dedicated gamers will truly appreciate. If they don't break their controller first, that is.
Push Square (Jun 16, 2014)
While 1001 Spikes’ extreme difficulty may pose a barrier to some, masochists will enjoy every minute of this punishing platformer. Tight controls and massive replay value make this a brilliantly brutal experience – and one of the PS4’s better side-scrollers to date.
GameSpot (Jun 16, 2014)
One of the few areas in which 1001 Spikes is lacking is in comparing your performances with other players. The game puts an emphasis on your best times, and even has the option of using a speedrun clock if you so choose, yet there are no online leaderboards with which to compare scores with friends and strangers. That's too bad, because self-imposed misery loves company, and 1001 Spikes is best for the kind of person who can take punishment and enjoy it. It can be soul crushing for the same reason it's inspiring.
IGN (Jun 08, 2014)
The PS4 and Vita versions are sold on PSN as a package deal, meaning they're arguably the best deal if you have access to both platforms. The PS4 version is identical to the PC and Wii U versions, with a couple of exceptions: it plays sounds through the controller’s speaker, and it includes a Nathan Drake-inspired Adventure Aban skin for the arcade modes, which lets him cling to ledges and shoot a pistol. The skin is unlocked from the start, alongside the clear homages to Castlevania's Simon Belmont and Ghosts 'n' Goblins' Sir Arthur found in other versions.
Gaming Nexus (Jul 03, 2014)
1001 Spikes joins a growing list of retro-themed games made for modern consoles. This PSN release (also available on every other system you own) will test your resolve through a series of increasingly sadistic stages. With deadly obstacles at every step, this is one game that never lets up. But fans of this type of punishment will enjoy the clever level designs and rage-inducing traps.
Those willing to give 1001 Spikes a fair try will find that its mind-numbing challenge can lead to some incredibly satisfying moments. Its brilliantly crafted mechanics give players every opportunity to best the treacherous traps of Ukampa. Unfortunately, it’s easy to see countless players quitting after a couple of levels, as its difficulty severely limits is accessibility. This back-breaking platformer accomplishes everything it sets out to accomplish, meaning that it is a decidedly good video game. 1001 Spikes‘ challenge doesn’t hurt its cause by any means, but those who despise trying something hundreds of times in a row will find themselves quickly turned off.
Darkstation (Jul 16, 2014)
1001 Spikes is far from a bad game, but a few too many spikes on each level leave it falling from grace. I can see the implicate reward of conquering a challenging obstacle, but the many short comings have to amount to something. 1001 Spikes falls short in providing any sense of progress. I constantly felt like I was trying to defeat a mad-man’s experiment in perseverance. Some will fine the satisfaction of overcoming all odds a rewarding goal in and of itself. Others will either not have enough patience or more than likely just not have enough time to accomplish what seems like an insurmountable platformer. When you do finally prevail over the impossible however, is the same moment that you realize this game is beatable if only you persist.

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