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Garage Band Gamers (Oct 10, 2014)
The art direction, sound design, and gameplay all works so well together. This is easily one of the best Alien games I’ve played in a long time, if not THE best. If you’re tired of the constant shooting of Destiny, the grinding in RPGs, and have a lot of patience (you’ll need it), I highly recommend grabbing Alien: Isolation. Turn up the volume or put on some headphones, turn out the lights, and get ready to fear for your life.
Gamegravy (Nov 07, 2014)
Alien: Isolation is authentic to its universe, with beautiful graphics, sound design and accurate environments, I was greatly impressed. The game puts up one tough fight in terms of difficulty even on easy mode so you’re in for a ride but its a fun ride. If stealthy survival horrors are up your alley and you love the Alien franchise, then you’ll love this game. The controls are smooth and easy to use in stressful situations, there are over 15+ hours of content so you won’t get bored and with a whole season of DLC on its way this title has high replay value. I definitely recommend checking out Alien: Isolation.
90 (Oct 03, 2014)
A masterwork of atmosphere and environmental design, Alien: Isolation may be standing on the shoulders of giants, but it's also one of the few franchise games to do so that doesn't topple off disastrously. By allowing Sevastopol – an orbital backwater of failed commerce turned supersized game preserve – to tell the story (which is good, as the plotting and dialogue is often quite poor), CA has finally nailed the true horror of Alien in video game form. It's only taken 35 years.
God is a Geek (Oct 14, 2014)
Alien: Isolation is a phenomenal title marred by only one major issue that some will overlook, and others will find a deal-breaker. It’s comfortably the best Alien game ever made, and delivers authenticity along with a new story that is worth seeing, experiencing, and fleeing from into the darkness. Never once allowing the immersion to be broken, Creative Assembly have done it. They have actually done it.
TheSixthAxis (Oct 03, 2014)
That idea of never being comfortable with how the game is unravelling is something that feels quite unique and it’s extremely well imagined here. Plenty of survival horror games have you feeling vulnerable as you essentially fulfil the role of a hero but things are different here. In Alien: Isolation you’re not the hero, you’re the prey.
Darkstation (Nov 07, 2014)
Alien: Isolation represents a strong return to form for an ailing franchise. Creative Assembly have succeeded in capturing the essence of the original film, harnessing a sense of despair and foreboding and giving players a chance to experience the horror of HR Giger’s seminal creation first hand.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 16, 2014)
But I feel like this is what Alien: Isolation is all about. It’s as subversive a triple-A game as you’re ever likely to find and I must lavish praise on Sega for ever going ahead with it in the first place. It’s also the first game to ever give the alien the respect it deserves, making it truly frightening for the first time since it originally graced the silver screen, with fantastic AI and some accomplished mechanics tying it all together. Alien: Isolation is a triumph and one of my favourite horror games ever. That it features such an iconic antagonist is the cherry on top of a delightfully terrifying cake.
APGNation (Oct 22, 2014)
Alien: Isolation is, without a doubt, a true stealth survival horror game. It pulls no punches in that regard and while it may linger just a tad too long near the end of the story the terror delivered throughout overshadows minor foibles the title has. This is not only one of the better licensed titles to come out in years but, in regards to horror games, one of the best in the genre. The enemy AI is unpredictable often and leads to genuinely tense and dread-filled moments while occasionally providing frustration. Alien: Isolation makes the player think before encounters, consider the consequences and be stealthy about their approach. It makes for a tense if methodical feeling that is unnerving to say the least. The small concerns aside this is an experience worth having as few horror games execute as well as this one.
83 (Oct 13, 2014)
Die Entwickler von Creative Assembly haben es verstanden, das beklemmende Gefühl und die düstere Atmosphäre des Film-Klassikers eindrucksvoll einzufangen und liefern mit Alien: Isolation einen packenden Kampf ums Überleben. Zwar sorgt der deutlich überlegene und unberechenbare Xenomorph für viele Frustmomente, doch überwiegt der aufregende Nervenkitzel, der durch die vielen spannenden Situationen, die Hilflosigkeit und Ungewissheit entsteht. Leider nagen künstliche Streckungen und viel Recycling innerhalb der langen Kampagne an der Motivation. Zudem versperren zahlreiche Bugs, Ruckel-Videos, Ladezeiten und die mäßige Story den Weg zum Award. Sega liefert aber endlich eine längst überfällige Wiedergutmachung für die enttäuschenden Colonial Marines. Ja, Spannung, Panik und Frust liegen sehr dicht beieinander: Trotzdem hat es bisher kein anderes Spiel geschafft, die bedrohliche Kreatur und Ridley Scotts Filmvorlage so überzeugend einzufangen wie dieses Alien: Isolation.
Giant Bomb (Oct 06, 2014)
It's been a while since the xenomorph was worth being scared of, and while Alien: Isolation runs a little long, it's a hellacious ride.
80 (Oct 03, 2014)
Il aura fallu attendre de nombreuses années avant que la franchise Alien ne s’intéresse au survival-horror mais il est désormais acquis que l'idée n'était pas si folle que cela. En effet, bien qu'Alien : Isolation soit souvent déséquilibré à pas mal de niveaux, l'impression globale qui s'en dégage reste extrêmement positive grâce à de bonnes idées et une ambiance réussie. Véritable hommage au film de Ridley Scott, rempli de références plus ou moins subtiles, intelligemment pensé et à même de contenter les fans de la saga vidéoludique et filmique, ce coup d'essai de Creative Assembly remplit parfaitement son office même s'il y avait sans doute matière à améliorer quantité de petits détails. Affaire à suivre ? On l'espère, oui...
The Games Cabin (Oct 03, 2014)
We've waited a long time for a game that successfully captures the terror and dread of hearing a Xenomorph chase you down, but that wait is over. Stealthy gameplay and brainwork is needed, no gung-ho tactics will work here. A little too long resulting in some extended periods of tedious, repetitive gameplay. Fans of the franchise will be happy to finally have a game worthy of the Alien name.
70 (Oct 03, 2014)
Pacing problems and a lack of variety take their toll, but in its best moments this is the most successful big budget survival horror in a decade.