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65 (Feb 21, 2019)
En dépit de son gameplay ultra nerveux et agréable à prendre en main et de son open world absolument splendide, Anthem souffre de défauts liés à sa structure et son contenu. Très répétitif, maigre en contenu end game, et assez pauvre scénaristiquement, Anthem pèche aussi par un challenge uniquement conditionné par une hausse maladroite des points de vie et des dégâts des monstres. Reléguant la coopération au rang secondaire, les expéditions comme les donjons ne requièrent qu'une stratégie limitée aux combos et à l'esquive et ne récompensent les efforts que par un loot trop uniforme. Il s'agit désormais pour BioWare de continuer à étoffer son jeu pour lui donner plus de diversité et d'intérêt, car le potentiel lui, est assurément là. Un beau terreau pour un futur bon jeu, mais qui doit encore mûrir pour remporter l'adhésion des joueurs.
Area Jugones (Feb 24, 2019)
Anthem es un juego con grandes aciertos contrarrestados por grandes fallos (de los que no se corrigen ni con uno ni con mil parches), que deja como resultado una experiencia mediocre. Desde luego, puede resultar divertido y fresco durante las primeras horas; pero una campaña sin ritmo ninguno, misiones repetitivas, una historia floja y novedades inexistentes en materia de endgame convierten esa diversión en pereza por seguir adelante.
GameSpot (Feb 25, 2019)
Anthem has good ideas, but it struggles significantly with the execution. It's a co-op game that works best with no one talking; it buries genuinely interesting character moments and puts its most incomprehensible story bits at the forefront; its combat is exciting until you get to the boss fights and find your wings have been clipped. Even the simple, exhilarating act of flying is frequently interrupted by the limitations of your javelin, and you never quite shake that feeling of disappointment--of knowing, throughout the good parts of Anthem, that you'll inevitably come crashing back down.
Edge (May, 2019)
(...) at launch, the game's biggest problems are the bugs: the aforementioned absent ending, the crashes and performance hitches, and on PS4 at least, the ability to forcibly reboot your entire console, a bug of such frightening might and reach that you have to sort of respect it. There's not much that isn't fixable, but equally there's little that's excusable. We may be used by now to the idea that a game of this type is never really complete; that the picture today will be very different in a year, and will have vastly changed again after another 12 months. But that does not mean you get to launch a mess, then call the clean-up operation progress. The game's flying mechanic may be a delight; raining elemental chaos down on enemy goons, a pleasure. Yet the lasting impression is of a game that, for all its charms and potential, simply wasn't quite ready for takeoff - and that what might have been won't arrive for a couple of years yet.
Giant Bomb (Mar 01, 2019)
Despite my litany of complaints, I did have some fun zooming around in some of Anthem's grander combat situations--when everything comes together and you're flying to and fro, coordinating your tactics with your friends (which, frankly, makes any game better), you can see how good an Anthem with all of these rough edges sanded down could be. And there are a few ideas here, like creating more combat and traversal mechanics around flight, that deserve more attention than they get in the game that's on shelves right now. But Anthem needs more than just new content. A lot of work needs to be done on a wide variety of the game's fundamental elements before it can join the ranks of other redeemed loot games like Diablo III, Destiny, and The Division. Whether EA will give BioWare the latitude to overhaul the parts of the game that need it--and whether it's even technically feasible for them to do that in the first place--are questions with uncertain answers.