Battlefield 4 Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

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PlayStation 4 version

Short introductory cinematic
Main title
Main menu
Game settings
The situation doesn't look good
Moving through a derelict school
Pause menu shows the current mission info
Meeting with the rest of your team
Providing cover fire for Irish
The recoil feels less prominent when you're not aiming down the sight
Our exfiltration point is still a long walk ahead
Using a tactical visor to mark enemy troops
This truck is history, but there's plenty more coming our way
You can order your team and allied helicopter to fire on enemy targets of your choice
Grenade launcher will flush enemy infantry from their covers
Dashing toward the getaway chopper
We need to outrun the enemy helo, and this jeep should do
Driving down the coast
Slow motion kicks in at the key moment
Briefing onboard the ship
There's a big commotion on the streets of China
Looking for a best way to enter the hotel unnoticed
Engaging the Chinese soldiers inside the hotel
The package is secure... now we just need to escape in one piece
We need bigger guns to face a tank
Passing through the cafeteria
Heading to check to data and survivors on the derelict carrier
Enemy soldiers are still onboard the carrier
F/A-18s are going down with the ship
Commandeering an enemy gunboat
Taking down enemy helicopters
A speech before the big strike back at the enemy
Fighting in the middle of a typhoon is going to be impossible
Beach landing went smooth, more or less
When the cars are blocking the road, make your own way
They got one of our tanks
Enemy tanks can take a lot of beating so don't rush in and hope for the best
Enemy tank destroyed
Some of your teammates aren't getting along
Pinned by the car on the bridge, and hurricane is making it troublesome for your squad to help
Two bogeys on the catwalk
This could be handled with stealth... at least partially
The airfield looks well guarded
Incoming enemy reinforcements
Betrayed by one of your own
Being interrogated and tortured
Teaming up with your cellmate to escape the prison
Stealth kill
Fighting through the snowy mountain
Waiting for enemy convoy to pass