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Black Mirror Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Splash screen
Main menu
Options show great many supported resolutions that appears too much even for PC version of the game
The game start with a man frantically running away from someone... or something
The madness is taking over
Traveling to Scotland
Arriving at the Black Mirror castle shows an opening title
Greeted upon arrival to this dark and ominous place
Your grandmother is one scary person
Talking to the butler
The castle is too dark at night to go around without a candle
Exploring the castle while everyone's asleep
Game switches to 1st-person when exploring certain areas more closely
She seems to be mumbling something in her sleep... better eavesdrop for a while
Gardener apparently doesn't need any light to navigate the premises
Deciding upon a brute force or a stealth approach
Checking the desk in your father's study
Diary keeps track of events that have transpired so far
It's time for some traditional Scottish breakfast
Talking to your grandmother by the fireplace
There's an interesting miniature model of Black Mirror castle in your father's study
Rotating teeth on the master key to match the hole
The maid seems to be afraid of... well, pretty much everything
Burning the cobwebs in the cellar
Down by the docks
Navigating through a vision can be deadly if spotted
Not very fond of psychiatrists apparently
Terrible headaches come after the visions
In front of a greenhouse
Searching for clues at the murder scene
Found Rosemary in the attic, all chained to the bed
Eddie has gone loco
This pendant will point the village on the map
Using a car to push the boat in the water
Exploring a small island in search of clues
The vision of your father's last moments
The butler did it... or in this case, is trying to do
The gardener's secret
Time to get her revenge for all those years of imprisonment
Unlocking the globe in the lobby
Final piece of the puzzle
Navigating the path across the chasm
This room rotates every time you enter
Fighting with the mirror image
Fighting the black mirror's pull
The viking funeral