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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Jackal Assault VR Experience Credits


Paper Crane GamesGiancarlo Surla, Clarice Soh, Andrew Marchal, Thea Willis, Robert Espinoza, Raquel Ventura
Infinity WardDan Savage, David Stohl, Jason Greenberg, Jeff Swenty, Jolyon Myers, Jon Bailey, Len White, Michael Hill, Sean Byers, Thomas Shin, The IVV Audio Department, All the Developers at InfinityWard
CastAshley Burch, Claudia Christian, Jamie Gray Hyder, Jason P. Barry, Jeffrey Pierce, Jesse Blaze Snider, Mark Ivanir, Martin Copping, Matthew Mercer, Mikey Kelly, Misty Lee, Nakia Harris, Robert Baker
Original Score & Title Theme Composed bySarah Schachner
Music ProductionScott Hanau, Ted Kocher, Anthony Caruso, Marc Senasac, Rob Goodson
ActivisionAlbert Yao, Alejandro Arreola, Anthony Bosco, Barry Kehoe, Ben Bruns, Brian Bensi, Carolyn Wang, Chad Schmidt, Chris Arends, Christopher D. Wilson, Daniel E. Suarez, David Cushman, David Shochat, Diana Diller, Diana Vincenty, Dino Verano, Ethan King, Fiona Ebbs, Garrett Egge, Gary Alpert, Glenn Vistante, Jared Castle, Jason Lembcke, Jeff Parker, Jeff Roper, Jeremy Dupire, Jonathan Murnane, Lex Ryan, Marcos Richardson, Marcus Iremonger, Matthew Cox, Nate Tyley, Nicole Wherley, Paul Halling, Paul Virgin, Pedro Aguilar, Robert Patrias, Taryn Hutt, Todd Mueller

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (201053)