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81 (Oct 03, 2014)
The sound and graphics should take a back seat here, because there is something fun about piecing together clues and solving mysteries. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments puts you in the role of a puzzle-solving detective. If you enjoy mysteries, mini games, or puzzles this is for you. I was honestly not expecting much from this game, but I am really glad I was able to play it.
Garage Band Gamers (Sep 30, 2014)
Crimes and Punishment is made for the lovers of Sherlock Holmes. The course of six cases will run you about ten to twelve hours, while some last longer than others. Amusingly, the last mission can be done within just a few minutes, if you decide to be hasty in conclusions. This is definitely my favorite experience with a Sherlock game, both in presentation and story. The cases were all pretty solid (albeit predictable at times), the design of the game didn’t feel outdated like previous entries, and the addition of the deduction board adds a unique element to the cases – allowing you to decide the fate of those involved (deductions allowing) really brings the game to life. If you are a fan of previous Sherlock games, enjoy solving mysteries, or just enjoy Sherlock Holmes in general, give this game a go.
Gamegravy (Oct 20, 2014)
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is executed very well and definitely is how any crime/mystery game should be experienced. This game was released as retail or digital for $59.99 and honestly I feel it isn’t priced terribly since it feels up there and at home with some other AAA titles. For anyone who likes mystery style games with an open-ended feel and multiple ways to solve a crime, then I believe Sherlock Holmes is a game worth checking out and you won’t be disappointed at what it delivers.
Girl Gamers UK (Oct 03, 2014)
Crimes & Punishments feels like a next gen Holmes game, not in its looks as they are not quite good enough for next gen, but in the way it plays, the way it involves the player and the way it doesn’t shepherd the player to a conclusion. The crimes are varied and well devised, and the settings are authentic. The relatively slow pace may not be for everyone, but amateur sleuths will get a real kick from showing off their skills.
Digitally Downloaded (Oct 09, 2014)
All six cases are interesting and brilliantly written, filled with characters that not only fill a role, but perform exactly as you'd expect from the Sherlock tales of old. The developers have wisely avoided pigeonholing the game's moral code into black and white (again fitting in with the original Sherlock character, who was hardly a saint), and it these shades of gray to explore that makes each case as well as the interplay between Sherlock and Watson so interesting. Sherlock's mind is presented in such a way that he is clearly a man treading the line between madness and brilliance, which makes this opportunity to play him all the more riveting and an opportunity not to be missed people who enjoy genuine detective fiction.
75 (Oct 08, 2014)
Die Entscheidung für das Episodenformat hat Sherlock Holmes gut getan: Die sechs gut portionierten Krimi-Häppchen machen das Ermitteln weniger ermüdend als bisher. Meist hatte ich Spaß an den interessanten, teils übersinnlich angehauchten Fällen. Die hübsch gestalteten Schauplätze sowie zahlreichen Ermittlungsmethoden fangen das Flair des Vorbilds gut ein und die alternativen Deutungsmöglichkeiten machen das Spiel deutlich vielseitiger als klassische Point-and-Klick-Adventures. In der Umsetzung hapert es allerdings: Irgendwie wirkt alles etwas zu steif und sperrig. Die etwas hölzerne Handhabung, fade Minispielchen und die schlecht erklärte Vielzahl an Ermittlungs- und Deutungs-Möglichkeiten sorgten gelegentlich dafür, dass ich auf der Suche nach einem wichtigen Hinweis im Dunkeln tappte. Auf der PS4 kommen noch kleine technische Probleme dazu, welche den Spaß aber weit weniger ausbremsen als in früheren Konsolenumsetzungen.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 13, 2014)
Still, what Crimes and Punishments does well more than makes up for what it doesn’t, and it’s definitely a good first step for the franchise into the next generation, one that speaks well of where it’s going to be headed in the coming years.