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atari kombinera

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TrueGamers.it (Feb 02, 2021)
Cyber Shadow è un ottimo esponente della corrente "retro-indie", non si limita a usare in modo blando la leva della nostalgia e offre così un level design ben calibrato, una trama sfiziosa, una grandiosa soundtrack e una pixel art ricca ma allo stesso tempo fedele al feeling del passato. Il titolo di Aarne Hunziker è in definitiva un davvero notevole, la dimostrazione lampante che non c'è bisogno di schede video costosissime per godere appieno del medium videoludico.
Game Rant (Jan 25, 2021)
Cyber Shadow is an indie title that will be remembered for quite some time and only adds to Yacht Club Games' growing library of retro-inspired classics. Any fan of Metroid, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, and even The Messenger should have this game in their sights. It's an astonishing, action-packed ninja adventure that should not be missed out on.
While some players will be rebuked by certain NES-era sensibilities (like the knockback effect), the overall experience is practically sublime. If you’re looking for a Ninja Gaiden send-up that’s been dragged into the 21st century, look no further than Cyber Shadow.
TechRaptor (Jan 25, 2021)
A glorious love letter to retro ninja action, Cyber Shadow is a must for fans of high-speed fun and delicious 1990s cheesy camp.
4Players.de (Jan 29, 2021)
(...) Dank der nur behutsam modernisierten Formel entfaltet sich meist ein schöner Spielfluss – inklusive Upgrades und Gadgets wie dem Killer-Jo-Jo. Vor allem der Kampf gegen bildschirmgroße Metallbiester bietet eine angenehm knifflige, aber machbare Herausforderung. Trotzdem konnte mich das etwas angestaubt wirkende Konzept nicht ganz so mitreißen wie etwa das abwechslungsreichere The Messenger mit seinem charmanten Humor und zwei Zeit-Ebenen, Rayman: Legends mit seiner schwungvollen Analog-Steuerung oder Fly'n mit seinen coolen Rätsel-Ideen. Als fordernder nostalgischer Kampfplattformer macht Cyber Shadow seine Sache aber richtig gut.
Cubed3 (Feb 16, 2021)
Cyber Shadow is not a perfect game; levels occasionally overstay their welcome and the visual variety between locales is quite limited. Still, the core gameplay and design are so polished that it's hard to put down. Nothing feels more satisfying than successfully comboing together Shadow's moves to narrowly survive a perilous set-piece. It learns the best lessons from its classic inspirations while still trying out new things, culminating in a smooth, difficult, and rewarding experience for fans of the genre.
There’s no better way to sum it up than just by getting straight to the point: Cyber Shadow is a fun action-platformer and one that expertly emulates the NES classic of yore. While it also kept some rather hair-pulling moments, largely thanks to a few annoying level sections, it still manages to deliver the type of classic, action-packed gameplay that the best games in the genre were known for. Throw in an engaging story, superb graphics and a few neat secrets, and this is one throwback to a twisted cybernetic future worth basking in.
Video Chums (Jan 25, 2021)
Cyber Shadow is definitely a genuine old-school experience which mostly works in its favour although it can be a frustrating test of patience at times. No matter which way you slice it, if you enjoy old-school 2D action games, playing Cyber Shadow is a must.
Even with its fantastic art and sound direction, Cyber Shadow doesn't quite hit all the marks. You can tell this title has been held to an incredibly high standard in a development sense, but there's certain areas that leave me wanting more in the gameplay. I don't mind challenging platformers, but the brutal intricacy this game demands in its movement and general combat can be off-putting at times. With this being said, if you are looking for an amazing looking and challenging 2D arcade title - one where you will find very little mercy - then Cyber Shadow might just be the perfect game for you.

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