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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Splash screen
Series title
Main menu
Game settings
Opening title
Somewhere in China, two US soldiers on a shore leave
Gameplay tutorial basics
Fighting challenge
Joe is leaving the sick bay, following strange noises on the ship
Deep slowly in pace with your heartbeat to avoid getting spotted
Whatever happened to these soldiers
Introducing key story characters
Conrad asking Brad about his diving skills
Duke of Milan, offshore North French Polynesia
Julia with her brother Conrad, going over some diving precautions
Fliss, the captain, is a bit worried about not reporting the wreckage to the authorities
Exploring the WWII aircraft wreckage
Julia asking Conrad why he threw money in the ocean
Telling ghost stories
Character stats and relationships change over time based on player's actions
Got onboard the ghost ship... let's see what we can find here
Story is pieced together by reading various memos, reports and diaries
All sections in this ship look the same, it's easy to get lost
The crew's been dead for decades
Found some long expired pills in a medicine cabinet
Everyone on board the ship died under rather strange circumstances
Fliss being led by one of her capturers
Going in circles through the very same room over and over
Going for the bullet next to a mummified corpse
Something grabbed Fliss from below
The ballroom
Playing the piano
The book describing the sacrifice ritual
Looking at the paintings gives you a short premonition of a possible future
A hooded figure
List of choices between Julia and Alex that may affect their relationship
Conrad stumbling alone in the dark
Prying the door open with the candlestick
The moment before the metamorphosis
Frantically jumping over holes trying to escape a mummified pursuer
The zombie girl is relentlessly pursuing Conrad
Confront the zombie girl or jump to uncertain death
The curator of stories offering a little hint
Trying to understand what's happening
Finally on the ship's deck, only to look for a way inside again
One of the doctors on this ship
Gallery lists all the found paintings for re-watching the premonitions
Bearings are lists of key decisions and consequences played out
Four out of five protagonists survived the game on my first playthrough
Military rescue team arriving at the ghost ship