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Gaming Age (Sep 19, 2017)
At its core, Destiny 2 takes everything you loved about the original and cranked it up to 11. The graphics are flashier, the sound effects are louder, the content is meatier, and the overall experience is better. Plus, there is a ton of stuff to do after you see the game’s ending credits. Some nice surprises also await, but it’s the stuff we all know about: the Raid the Nightfall Strikes, and yes, even Xur, that will extend your play sessions throughout the next few months until the first expansion hits in December. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Destiny 2, and yet after playing for almost two weeks I still have much to discover. Bungie has delivered a feature-rich experience that’s not to be missed!
PSX Extreme (Sep 12, 2017)
It’s hard to say where Destiny 2 will go after launch; the various and inevitable tweaks, changes and expansions will certainly modify the core experience over time. Raids, the true end-game in Destiny, have not even been released yet, and so we have no idea how they’re going to work, either. That said, Bungie has laid an impressive foundation for Destiny 2, one that sports much improved narrative focus, refined cooperative play, and a rock solid multiplayer experience, all brought together by flawless controls. With the exception of some questionable choices regarding microtransactions, Destiny 2 is a game that improves upon the original considerably, in every key area. This is, without question, Bungie’s best work yet.
If you avoided the original Destiny because of its launch issues have no such fears with Destiny 2. And if you’re just curious about Destiny 2 and want to play casually you can find plenty of quick, satisfying things to do while enjoying some of the best art, sound design, music scoring, and shooting mechanics in the video game industry.
Computer Bild Spiele (Sep 13, 2017)
(...) Die Shooter-Mechanik gehört nach wie vor zum besten, was das Genre zu bieten hat. Und auch in Sachen Präsentation fährt „Destiny 2“ ganz groß auf: Die Entwickler kreieren mit der feinen Grafik unglaublich schöne Szenerien und untermalen diese mit einem tollen Soundtrack. Die unterschiedlichen Planeten bieten dabei viel Abwechslung. Leider gilt das nicht immer für Ihre KI-Kontrahenten. Schon nach wenigen Stunden gehen Ihnen die sich wiederholenden Gegner etwas auf den Keks (Stichwort: Phalanx). Zumal Spieler des Vorgängers viele Feinde wiedererkennen. Ein Makel, der den ausgezeichneten Gesamteindruck aber nur wenig trübt.
Marooners' Rock (Sep 14, 2017)
Destiny 2, at it’s core, is what the original should have been. Disappointing does not mean low quality, and unfortunately those two don’t get distinguished apart sometimes. Hopefully Destiny 3 (come on, we know it’s gonna happen) will give us the true sequel we’ve been asking for. We’re only a week into Destiny 2, and this is only scratching the surface on what’s to come. This series may not fully lived up to it’s potential yet, and that’s completely fine. I am happy with that we have been given. I’m still having fun, I’m still addicted, and I’m ready to see what this series can achieve in this 10 Year Plan that Bungie has let us know about.
IGN (Sep 15, 2017)
Destiny 2 is a blast out of the gate thanks to its excellent co-op shooter gameplay and strong storytelling in the campaign. Not all the features I’d expected to find are here, but it does deliver the same kind of highly social gameplay and rewarding, loot-driven progression that helped the original keep me hooked for hundreds of hours. The main concerns right now are a few bugs and lack of event options, but I’ll definitely be sticking around to see this big, action-packed universe develop over time.
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 08, 2017)
Sans être révolutionnaire, Destiny 2 fait le travail que l'on attendait de lui. À savoir, corriger les nombreux défauts d'un jeu qui possédait des bases très intéressantes. Toujours aussi envoûtant, grâce à son impressionnante direction artistique et la beauté de sa bande-son, Destiny 2 propose cette fois une expérience solo digne de ce nom, sans rien perdre de son aura en multijoueur. Épique, seul ou avec des amis, le jeu est tout simplement plus riche, plus complet, mieux pensé. Ce qui fait toute la différence. Si vous aviez aimé le premier épisode, on voit mal comment vous pourriez ne pas succomber à sa suite. Reste la question de savoir si le jeu plaira à ceux qui avaient boudé Destiny, en 2014. Le jeu est certes plus long, plus garni, mais le concept de base reste le même, avec au centre du gameplay, le loot et le grinding.
USgamer (Sep 20, 2017)
Destiny 2 is a vast improvement over the original Destiny. The shooting is still top-notch, Bungie has crafted grand worlds to explore, the environments are simply beautiful, and the delivery of the game's story is much better. The game still falters in when it comes to satisfying endgame progression and it's missing some standard MMO features. All in all though, Destiny 2 is a damned good MMO time, no subscription fee required.
Games TM (Oct 05, 2017)
Bungie's roadmap to the game's first weeks and months shows new seasonal events and activities coming every few weeks, so we're confident that the game will have legs just like its predecessor - a steady flow of new content should keep even the most ardent fans busy, so let's hope that's what is in store. The studio built great things on weaker foundations with the previous game, so it's going to be exciting to see just who tall a Tower it can build when it's working off an even stronger base from day one.
Giant Bomb (Sep 18, 2017)
If you want a shooter that gives you more activities--and guns--than you know what to do with, Destiny 2 is your game.
RPG Site (Sep 17, 2017)
Destiny 2 isn't perfect, and I hesitate to recommend it for solo players, but for anyone that hopes to play in a group - there really is nothing else like it. I can't say if there's enough new here to draw returning players to the game, but Bungie has done nothing if not craft one of the most beautiful engaging co-op experiences of 2017.
The Guardian (Sep 14, 2017)
Everything you hated about the first three years of the game has been refined, removed, or reappraised, and the game that was left was one that makes sense from toe to tip. And then Bungie added in just a little bit of extra bullshit, focused on endgame micro-transactions.
Gamer.no (Sep 13, 2017)
Mye bra, mye gjenkjennelig.
Nivelul2 (Sep 19, 2017)
D1 a avut și are un enorm potențial neexploatat. Este D2 un pas înainte? Fără nici o îndoială, da. Însă la enorma cantitate de material reciclat, de la rase, meniuri, abilități, clase, subclase, arme, echipamente și multe altele, este în cel mai bun caz un foarte bun expansion la D1 și doar atât. Dacă ar fi fost un expansion, ar fi meritat pe deplin cel puțin nota opt. Ca un joc de sine stătător, la preț complet cu expansion plătit deja plănuit pentru iarna lui 2017, și istoricul pe care îl are, îl mențin cu greu la șapte.
Gadgets360 (Sep 08, 2017)
At the moment, Destiny 2 does a fantastic job of improving on the strengths of the original game along with bringing some new additions to the table. However, not all of these are good or warranted, marring what could have been a perfect sequel. We won’t be surprised to see it evolve over the course of its lifespan though, hopefully for the better.
Link Cable Gaming (Jan 15, 2018)
Destiny 2 is a train-wreck that’s still coming off the rails. If you have to buy it, grab it used or wait for an edition that comes with all the DLC.

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