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Detroit: Become Human Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Main title
Main menu
Analyzing clues to gather more information for the upcoming negotiation with a deviant
Pausing the game highlights the objects of interest and shows current objectives
Scene reconstruction
The negotiations are proceeding rather well
At the end of each scene you can check the entire tree of choices and which route your took to lead you to a certain outcome
The city of Detroit in not so distant future
Gotta wait for green light to cross the street, cannot deviate even a little outside of my programming parameters
Home sweet hell
Doing house chores
Markus carrying Carl to his wheelchair
Scanning people in the bar to find Lt. Anderson of Detroit police
Investigating the crime scene
Kara is breaking the barrier set by her programming
Cops aren't thinking before firing at an android
Will you succumb to vices to help you survive
Android graveyard
Optional survey asked by the android in the main menu
Detroit police precinct lobby
Waiting for your partner
After looking more into Lt. Anderson, new dialogue options became unlocked
Changing appearance to look less suspicious to police
Markus is following graffiti clues throughout the city in order to reach Jericho
Snack time
Connor is dashing after a suspect
Try and save your partner or follow your mission objective and go after deviant
Blue liquid is life blood for androids
Kara escaping a ghastly mansion where many androids met their doom
Connor is informing his master about the case progress
Helping Hank sober up
Heist at the Cyberlife warehouse
Arriving at Eden club
Reactivating the victim android to find out what happened before it shutdowns permanently
Asking Hank to pay for sex service so you can probe the android's memory
When it comes to female and male-looking androids, there's no real difference in strength
Connor chose not to kill them... or the player did
Looking for a place to stay in an old abandoned amusement park
A brief moment of joy
Are you afraid to die?
Markus infiltrating the TV station building
Broadcasting the list of demands
Breaking news
Making sure the cop doesn't get suspicious
Turing test given to Connor by his creator
Kara learns the truth about Alice
Connor is as badass cool as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil series
Press conference
Connor is forced to choose between saving or sacrificing Hank when the same model as his takes Hank hostage
Kara saves Alice but she herself is going to shutdown for good soon