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Digitally Downloaded (Jan 31, 2018)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is not a fighting game. Not really. It’s a strategic action game and is a clear attempt by the publisher to spin the Final Fantasy franchise into something that can work in the world of eSports. Though I wish there were more characters in the game that appeal to me, the fact that I’m willing to overlook that, and my aversion to online multiplayer and eSports, and find myself itching to get back and play the game some more speaks to Dissidia’s quality, once you dig through the mess to get there. This is, genuinely, the first time I’ve ever been hooked on an online-orientated competitive game.
IGN Italia (Feb 02, 2018)
Al netto purtroppo di un netcode instabile che penalizza pesantemente tutti i giocatori e di un matchmaking un po' lento (nulla che una patch non possa sistemare), Dissidia Final Fantasy NT ci si presenta come un'ottima trasposizione su PlayStation 4 di un gioco nato in sala giochi e arricchito per gli utenti console. Il roster principale, ampliato grazie agli ultimi capitoli ufficiali pubblicati, è soddisfacente e ben differenziato, la storia seppur breve ha un proprio filo logico a cui si aggiungono interazioni interessanti e le modalità extra allungano il divertimento - nell'attesa, magari, di vederne altre in futuro. Graficamente non potevo aspettarmi di meglio: animazioni fluide e colori intensi dominano la scena sullo sfondo delle ambientazioni più iconiche prese dai capitoli della saga. Ottima ancora una volta la colonna sonora. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT è ciò che si definisce un fanservice fatto bene.
Trusted Reviews (Mar 05, 2018)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a Final Fantasy fan’s dream, with oodles of playable characters presented across a truly beautiful variety of stages. Its fast, frantic battle system makes it easy to pick up and play, but also difficult to master once you delve into the inner workings of each hero. Unfortunately, it’s held back by a distinct lack of modes and progression options beyond a ludicrous number of cosmetic goodies.
Shacknews (Feb 04, 2018)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is an amalgam of both positive and negative design choices, but overall it’s an excellent combination of interesting fights, varied characters, and entertaining fan service. It’s a worthy successor to the last home Dissidia release, and while it’s not perfect, it’s certainly a slick and stylish way to spend a few hours unlocking new costumes and moves. Plus, who hasn’t wanted to pit Cloud against Squall?
For those coming in with the hope of reliving your Dissidia PSP days in HD, it, unfortunately, won’t be the same. However, if you’re coming in for a three-versus-three Final Fantasy brawler that’s rather hectic, flashy, and action-packed with a simplistic progression system and straightforward mechanics, you’ll be in for a treat. While there are a lack of game modes and the story isn’t its best feature, if you’re in it for the quick online battles that don’t require much commitment to learn (but still difficult to truly master), you’ll be on your way to some enjoyable and rewarding battle sessions. For what it is, instead of what it was, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is an enjoyable team-based brawler for those interested in a seamless online experience and fanservice with your favorite Final Fantasy characters.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Feb 05, 2018)
Without the inclusion of basic in-game move lists or character tutorials, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT presents players with a pretty steep barrier to entry and learning curve. It does itself a disservice by not providing the tools necessary for players to get the most out of the experience. As a huge Final Fantasy fan, I was determined to learn the ins-and-outs of Dissidia’s complex systems. Once I crested that peak, I was addicted. “Just one more match” has never become more a part of my gaming vocabularly than during the last week while pitting Bartz against Kuja or teaming Cloud of Darkness with Y’shtola. Dissidia is Final Fantasy through and through, from epic battles to incredible music to deep and obscure mechanics that most players won’t fully understand until they are hours into the game.
80 (Feb 05, 2018)
Al netto di qualche incertezza di troppo, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT è un prodotto frenetico e divertente, che propone ai fan della saga dei Chocobo (e non) un’esperienza nuova e impegnativa da padroneggiare. Impreziosito da una gustosa colonna sonora e da un roster ricchissimo, che verrà ampliato attraverso il già annunciato supporto post-lancio, il titolo risulta estremamente competitivo e richiede tante ore perché il giocatore riesca a trovare la combinazione di lottatori più consona al proprio stile di gioco. A ragion veduta, non ce la sentiamo di consigliarlo agli estimatori dei picchiaduro veri e propri, bensì agli appassionati di Final Fantasy e più in generale agli amanti di eSport, che di certo troveranno pane per i loro denti.
GameSpew (Feb 05, 2018)
I don’t think that’s a bad thing, however. The Dissidia series has always defined itself by being an outlier and luckily, it has found its audience. Whether it’s made up of die-hard Final Fantasy fans or not is besides the point. Dissidia NT successfully builds upon what came before to make its resurfacing as a competitive focused fighter a deeply satisfying one.
Meristation (Feb 05, 2018)
Cumple con las expectativas de lo que es un buen juego, tiene calidad y no presenta fallos graves, aunque le faltan elementos que podrían haberlo llevado a cotas más altas.
LevelUp (Feb 08, 2018)
En resumen, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT es un juego para fans, pero no para todos, pues a pesar de tener mucho potencial se pierde en su rareza y lo hace poco accesible para quienes podrían no tener la paciencia de jugar el tiempo requerido para descubrir todas sus complicaciones y seguramente acabarán spameando el botón de Bravery para apretar el de HP cuando el marcador se ponga morado una y otra vez hasta aburrirse.
75 (Feb 02, 2018)
Dass Dissidia bereits eine zweijährige Karriere in japanischen Spielhallen hinter sich hat, ist Fluch und Segen zugleich. Einerseits sorgt dies dafür, dass sich sowohl Mechanik als auch Figurenbalance von ihrer Schokoladenseite zeigen. Doch gleichzeitig kann Final Fantasy NT nicht verbergen, dass die Ursprünge des Titels mit seiner schnellen Action nur darauf aus waren, den Spielhallen-Zockern das Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen - quasi Brawler-Fastfood für Gruppen. Und das ist für das heimische Wohnzimmer etwas zu wenig.
Destructoid (Feb 05, 2018)
Dissidia NT is fun to play, but it could use a few tweaks that could easily come as low-effort updates along with its existing premium DLC. More modes, some UI tweaks, and combat flow upgrades would go a long way.
70 (Feb 02, 2018)
The Final Fantasy crossover gimmick almost feels like a distraction in what remains a uniquely innovative, but also frustratingly flawed, fighting game.
TechRaptor (Feb 13, 2018)
Every time I got into a match in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT I was honestly enjoying myself. It's just a shame that every single element around the combat is a total mess.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 01, 2018)
Dissidia NT biedt een originele en interessante kijk op het fighting genre, maar de pluspunten raken bedolven onder een irritante camera, vreselijk lock-on systeem en veel te mager aanbod spelmodes.
IGN (Feb 07, 2018)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT tries to spin too many plates at once. As a team-based arena combat game, it creates some interesting battles but comes up short against the depth and accessibility of something like Overwatch. As a fighting game, it fails to find a balance between the challenging execution of a Street Fighter and the pick-up-and-play chaos of a Super Smash Bros. And as Final Fantasy fan service, it ticks some boxes but has some glaring omissions in its lineup and surrounding features. Even those who consider themselves Final Fantasy completionists aren’t going to have enough story content to keep them playing for long. That’s frustrating, because when its various parts all come together in harmony it is a fun, unique team fighting game.
Video Chums (Feb 01, 2018)
With a lack of modes and repetitive and unvaried gameplay, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a disappointing long-awaited follow-up to a decent duology of portable fighters. That being said, there's definitely enough Final Fantasy eye candy to satisfy diehard fans.
PSX-Sense (Feb 08, 2018)
Het Bravery concept dat ten grondslag ligt aan de gameplay voelt heel erg fris aan en zorgt ook voor leuke gameplay. Het is wat ons betreft een uitzonderlijk interessante opzet voor een vechtgame. De gameplay kan erg diep gaan door de strategische aanpak van een gevecht, maar tegelijkertijd mist het echte finesse waardoor het niet uitmuntend is. Met wat updates hier en daar kan veel gladgestreken worden. Voor nu is het echter niet optimaal. De sfeer daarentegen past goed bij het geheel en zal een Final Fantasy fan ongetwijfeld plezieren, met name door de diversiteit in personages. Het roster is degelijk, maar jammer genoeg ontbreken er toch nog wat iconische figuren die mogelijk door een Season Pass gegijzeld worden. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is een degelijke game, maar het is niet dé gedroomde opvolger van de PSP game van een kleine 10 jaar terug.
Geeks Under Grace (Mar 12, 2018)
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT looks and plays like the Dissidia games we had on PSP but lacks the longevity. The addition of 3v3 is unique and works well but the intense moments of the 1v1 battles are dearly missed. The robust RPG elements of the story mode are now gone in favor of strange padding. All of those hours of content have been chopped down in favor of online gameplay.
65 (Feb 04, 2018)
Perturbant, parfois fatiguant, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT est un jeu d’arcade qui n’a pas été suffisamment reconditionné pour s’adapter au feeling console. Si sa plastique, son animation et sa bande-son sont savoureuses, et sauront satisfaire bon nombre de fans, sa progression bridée et son mode solo peu orthodoxe l’empêchent de convaincre sur la longueur. Indéniablement généreuse, parfois trop, l’expérience ne trouvera écho que chez celles et ceux qui n’ont pas peur de s’enfoncer dans les méandres du grinding, tout en ayant régulièrement deux potes sous la main. Car c’est véritablement en ligne que le jeu puise tout son intérêt.
Game Revolution (Feb 08, 2018)
For fans of Final Fantasy though, there’s a lot to be liked here. There are some beautiful recreations of locations throughout the series and enough references and throwbacks to the franchise to keep you entertained for a while. I had fun with it, but I wasn’t blown away by it, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is an excellent example of why nostalgia is never a substitute for proper gameplay.
Game Informer Magazine (Feb 08, 2018)
Undeniable Final Fantasy charm flows through Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and it pains me that the gameplay doesn’t justify a delving into it. The roster from across the series puts on a great show and is fun to customize and engage with, but the crux of the experience is the multiplayer, which doesn’t hit home. Unless you’re a hardcore Final Fantasy fan that really wants to get Golbez a new outfit, it’s not worth suffering through the arena for the perks.
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT finally brings Square Enix’s handheld “what if” franchise to the big screen, and the results are pretty fantastic for those who love chaotic, high-energy combat scenarios. Unfortunately, the game can be challenging to get the hang of due to a range of factors including class differences and controls, and there’s not much to do for those who prefer their gaming sessions solo. Still, for players who do click with this third Dissidia chapter, it’s a heck of an experience.
New York Daily News (Feb 21, 2018)
It's hard to follow, and the storytelling itself feels grafted onto the game. Oh, the cutscenes look great, but they're gated and need to be unlocked; essentially, you battle in other modes to earn crystals to "watch" the story mode, a multistep process that just isn't worth the trouble. But Dissidia itself is worth the trouble, for the hardest of the hardcore Final Fantasy fans. For everything it does wrong, it includes plenty of fan service.
RPG Site (Feb 09, 2018)
I’m conflicted about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT because I think it looks fantastic and makes good on its total makeover to a thrilling 3vs3 fighting game. Each character is different enough to make them all worth checking out. My problems with its netcode is a hard thing to overcome though; some characters that have strict timings on their mechanics are almost impossible to fully utilize online; these include Sephiroth’s dash cancels, Squall’s trigger on his bravery attacks, Jecht’s very brief window to parry attacks, and so forth. Plus, there’s just not much else to it if you’re not planning to play it online with others a lot. Offline NT fighters can go through its slim excuse for a story and then play Gauntlet endlessly to unlock more treasure and gil to buy more things from the shop I suppose.
Gamekult (Jan 31, 2018)
Entre un solo volontairement bridé et une mécanique de progression qui pousse le bouchon du grinding un peu loin, on en vient rapidement à se demander si cette expérience taillée pour l'arcade japonaise avait vraiment du sens sur console de salon. Comme si l'on avait envoyé le jeu au casse-pipe pour calmer les ardeurs des fans. Et pourtant, l'expérience mérite d'être tentée, à condition d'aligner tous les astres : des potes fans de Final Fantasy prêts à s'investir en oubliant les anciens Dissidia, des connexions Internet décentes, un casque pour prévenir du moindre coup de poignard dans le dos, et une bonne dose d'apprentissage vu les différents systèmes qui régissent chaque perso. Autrement dit, une sacrée dose de motivation qui risque de rester lettre morte pour bon nombre de joueurs, flippés devant un gameplay et une interface aussi confus. A croire que l'aspect coop / arcade poussé à son paroxysme était, sur console, une lame à double tranchant.
In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the characters of Final Fantasy are once again brought together in the ultimate fight between good and evil, but an overly complicated play scheme and other decisions make for a game that you fight against, not a fighting game.
GameSpot (Feb 06, 2018)
For all its attempts to honor Square-Enix's long-running series, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT stumbles far too often when trying to replicate some of the many core gameplay tenants of the series in the framework of its own game. While it manages to offer fun and responsive combat, along with an infectious charm throughout, it struggles to advance much from the previous Dissidia titles. With a story that's fed piecemeal behind arbitrary gating, several combat encounters that feel out of place, and unreliable online systems that don't function when you need them to, this online brawler isn't able to live up to the series that it steadfastly tries to celebrate.