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Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Entering the Deep Roads and starting The Descent quest
Defending the seal against the darkspawn
Darkspawn has been contained for now... time to meet the infamous Legion of the Dead
This DLC adds new strategy table covering underground passages of Deep Roads with new missions
Collect scattered gears to open various closed doors throughout the Deep Roads
Early Deep Roads halls bare resemblance of those in previous games
Shielded enemies cannot be effectively hit with an arrow from their front side
Ogres are immune to a lot of things
Found fellow patrol killed by the darkspawn
Certain passages become available for traversal after you build bridges through missions on your strategy table
Press R3 button in time to reply to random comments of your party members
Narrow caverns often lead to treasure and enemy lairs
Giant spiders are common nuisance in tight spaces
Many of the areas in Deep Roads are ruined and disconnected by default
Building wooden bridges lets you cross the chasms and reach new areas
Approaching one of the sacrificial gates
Shaper Valta is one of the main NPCs in this DLC
Leader of the Legion of the Dead was just killed by an unknown attackers after heading deeper into the caves
This is no time to mourn the dead
Encountering an old message etched in the wall
Luckily, Valta can read those ancient messages
Heading down through the Bastion of the Pure
Branching paths let you avoid enemy if you don't want to fight everyone
A sacrificial chamber
Fighting the Sha-Brytol
A place to set up a camp
Getting closer to the source of the tremors
Even Valta is surprised by new things that dwarven lore tried to hide
After coming this far, those few fanatics still left standing are not enough to stop us
The heart of the titan... or so we thought
Whatever is the light source so deep underground
I have to thank this character displacement glitch in the game for passing the final boss battle in first try
Just when we thought we have all answers, new questions never stop coming
Cassandra is surprised by Volta's decision to stay
Earning trophy for completing this DLC quest