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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Skyrim VR - Splash screen
Skyrim VR - Main menu
Skyrim VR - Opening title
Skyrim VR - Arriving in Helgen, just in time for execution
Skyrim VR - Creating player character
Skyrim VR - Dragon interrupting my execution
Skyrim VR - Dragon is wreaking havoc
Skyrim VR - Picking locks
Skyrim VR - Exploring the cavern
Skyrim VR - Skills and upgrades
Skyrim VR - Blasting giant spiders with a fire-based spells
Skyrim VR - Traversing the wilderness
Skyrim VR - Talking to Alvor the blacksmith
Skyrim VR - Talking to innkeeper
Skyrim VR - The village at night
Skyrim VR - In VR it's easy to stay on the water line seeing both above and under the water
Skyrim VR - Camouflaged little crab
Skyrim VR - World map
Skyrim VR - VR gives you a chance to pay attention to details that could otherwise be missed
Skyrim VR - Aurora Borealis, and we're not even in Norway
Skyrim VR - Talking to Aela the Huntress
Skyrim VR - Using persuasion skill to talk the guard into letting me enter the city
Skyrim VR - Weapons shop
Skyrim VR - If you feel too exposed on your own, you can hire a mercenary to watch your back
Skyrim VR - Whiterun marketplace
Skyrim VR - Overview of Whiterun
Skyrim VR - Day and night cycles present a whole new experience in VR
Skyrim VR - Sneak attack on an unaware skeleton archer
Skyrim VR - The higher you climb, the snowy it becomes
Skyrim VR - Talking to one of the Jarls
Skyrim VR - Heading downstream
Skyrim VR - Fighting a dragon
Skyrim VR - Helping a fellow put his undead relatives back to sleep
Skyrim VR - The town of Markarth at night
Skyrim VR - Fighting Skulkers in the underground ruins
Skyrim VR - Using healing magic
Skyrim VR - Carriages are one way to travel fast
Skyrim VR - Looking down the waterfall
Skyrim VR - Defeating yet another dragon
Skyrim VR - There are many old forts and castles to explore throughout Skyrim
Skyrim VR - Heading up the nearby mountain to learn about the power of shouts (played on PS4 Pro shows sharper textures)
Skyrim VR - Looking into the distance (played on PS4 Pro renders further away)
Dawnguard - Durak, the orc, comes to ask you to join the Dawnguard in hunt for the vampires
Dawnguard - Fort Dawnguard on the map
Hearthfire - Newly introduced house decorations are children's bedrooms
Hearthfire - Adopting children is now possible if you have a house in the city with children's bedroom
Hearthfire - You can play games with your children, tell them to do chores or give them presents
Hearthfire - Lucia, my adopted daughter, playing with a doll I just gave her
Hearthfire - Purchased all possible indoor decorations for my home
Hearthfire - Purchasing land in Falkreath
Hearthfire - New properties are shown on the map as your houses, but you need to build them from scratch
Hearthfire - When building a house, you gotta start somewhere
Hearthfire - Reading the beginner's guide to homesteading
Hearthfire - Selecting a house layout
Hearthfire - Size of the house has been decided
Hearthfire - Built me a house foundation
Hearthfire - In order to build a house you'll need lumber and stone