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Game Critics (Oct 24, 2017)
Elex is the best game Piranha Bytes has ever made. They’ve taken all the lessons learned on plotting, worldbuilding and character development from their work on Risen and Gothic and applied it something far more ambitious. The result is a truly great action-RPG, full of interesting characters, memorable quests, and amazing environments. While Elex‘s story comes to a satisfying conclusion and all the questions Jax starts with are definitively answered, it ends with the suggestion that there’s a much bigger story on the way, and I can’t wait for it to arrive.
74 (Oct 16, 2017)
Nahezu jedes Element des Spieldesigns zeigt neben guten Fundamenten immer wieder gefährliche Risse, so dass man sich während des Abenteuers wie auf einer verwitterten morschen Brücke vorkommt, die gleich einzustürzen droht. Trotzdem will man sie überqueren, trotzdem will man das andere Ufer sehen, weil man auf dem Weg so viel mit entschieden hat und angesichts der politischen Auswirkungen stets neugierig bleibt. Das ist das größte Kompliment, dass ich diesem spröden, aber ideenreichen und im Vergleich zum biederen Risen deutlich kreativeren Epos machen kann. Können sich Piranha Bytes und Deck13 jetzt bitte für ein Projekt zusammenschließen? Die Essener machen die Spielwelt, die Frankfurter das Kampfsystem - dann entsteht vielleicht mal ein "deutsches" Rollenspiel auf höchstem Niveau.
70 (Oct 16, 2017)
L’impianto narrativo messo in piedi dal team di Essen non riesce a soddisfare appieno le aspettative generate dalla premessa, tutto sommato intrigante, del titolo, e finisce per cedere sotto il peso di un immaginario troppo frammentario e disuguale. Eppure l’open world di Elex è senza dubbio il migliore mai creato dallo studio tedesco, tanto da brillare quasi di luce propria, a prescindere dalle magagne della storia. I resti di Magalon sono un costante invito all’esplorazione, cosa che però rende ancor più amare le carenze tecniche del titolo, in particolar modo sul fronte delle animazioni. Carenze che si riflettono anche sulla qualità di un combat system eccessivamente legnoso, che raramente riesce ad appagare appieno. Nel caso siate grandi fan del lavoro di Piranha, magari sin dal primo Gothic, allora Elex saprà donarvi una mole decisamente abbondante di ore di divertimento. Per tutti gli altri il consiglio è di aspettare, eventualmente, che il titolo scenda di prezzo.
We Got This Covered (Oct 15, 2017)
Ultimately, there’s a great game hidden somewhere in ELEX, but there are just too many technical missteps and niggling bugs to give a wholehearted blanket recommendation to all RPG fans out there. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind your games having a few rough edges, and aren’t desperate for every aspect of your RPG experience to be the best of the best, then ELEX may just be the diamond in the post-apocalyptic rough that you’ve been waiting for. And did I mention you get a jetpack? Jetpacks make everything better.
Destructoid (Oct 20, 2017)
All in all, though, the game remains an impressive, if flawed, effort. Toting an interesting setting and some standout design choices, ELEX goes farther than any previous Piranha Bytes game in making the case for sticking with it in pursuit of a certain old-school ideal of RPG gaming, even if it can come at a cost in polish and presentation.
Digitally Downloaded (Nov 01, 2017)
So, you need to be patient and committed to get much out of ELEX, but give it a chance, and there’s a soul in there that should grow on anyone who enjoys their RPGs. The distinctive setting, wonderful world and quest design, and scope of the narrative are all genuinely admirable, and play to Piranha Byte’s strengths as, along with Cyanide, the most prominent and creative B-grade RPG developer out there.
Critical Hit (Nov 09, 2017)
Elex is far from perfect. It can be a frustrating experience and the horrible combat system could be a deal breaker, but it’s undeniably an ambitious title with a promising future.
Elex is an unfortunate case where it appears to be too ambitious for its own good. It has a lot of great ideas, enough where it became a title of great interest when it was first announced, but the final result is something that shows promise of greatness without actually being great. The different factions are cool and the jetpack feature is a fun way to travel around, but this is offset by the different societies not meshing well together in the same world and janky combat mechanics. It feels like if the scope of the game was actually narrowed it could be refined and polished into a better overall experience. As it stands, Elex is not a bad game, but it doesn’t fall on the must play list either. Fans of the developers previous work in the Gothic and Risen series should actually check this title out since during the review playthrough Gothic flashbacks were a common occurrence, but outside of that fanbase, there are better non-linear choice-driven RPGs out there.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Oct 16, 2017)
There’s a lot of fun to be had in ELEX at higher levels, but the game opens far too slowly and spreads itself out too thin to make any sort of impact. It’s a game that begs to be smaller in scope, and richer in depth. And while its animations and visuals are mostly uninspiring, there are some real moments of beauty that are found in its caves and crevasses if you choose to explore the land of Edan.
Push Square (Oct 01, 2017)
Whether it's that unmistakable Euro-jank charm or its commitment to providing a surprisingly robust role-playing experience, ELEX definitely has something going for it – it's just that most players will likely never make it far enough to find out what that something is. Piranha Byte's latest has ambition, but barely any of it is realised. As far as B-tier games go, this criticism is nothing new, but when so many amazing action RPGs are already available on PS4, you can't be blamed for ignoring this seriously shoddy release.
GameSpot (Oct 20, 2017)
Elex's world is no doubt enticing, but the good moments are heavily dispersed among some rough technical problems and odd designs that only serve to frustrate. The game offers an incredibly designed world and the basis of a compelling RPG that disappointingly fails to live up to its potential in almost every way. For a game that relies heavily on its combat for progression, it feels overwhelmingly geared against you, and with the added technical issues and lack of a compelling story to tell, Elex takes the wind out of its own sails at nearly every turn.
The Digital Fix (Oct 26, 2017)
All in all the game is a disjointed, badly produced, buggy mess. Combat is clunky, where the only way to lock on is to actually strike something. The music and other audios have a habit of changing their volumes on a whim, and some audio files seem to be missing altogether. In short it feels a lot like there was too much going on and as such the actual game is spread a bit thin. The lore is deep and rich, with clues to the final days before the meteor hit scattered throughout the world, but the gameplay does very little to support it. It certainly feels like the gameplay is being crushed beneath the weight of the promised story, and it all too often fails to keep it propped up, which is a shame considering the amazing potential the game had to offer.
35 (Oct 18, 2017)
Elex aurait pu être un titre marquant s’il était sorti au début des années 2000. Or aujourd’hui, il apparaît d’avantage comme un projet aux trop grandes ambitions, qui écule jusqu’à l'écœurement la formule instaurée par la série des Gothic. Efficace et atypique fut un temps, la recette est ici transposée à la manière d’un copier/coller sans âme vers un nouveau projet qui nous rappelle sans cesse ses trop nombreuses limites. Et si quelques joueurs nostalgiques verront en lui le moyen de replonger dans le passé, ce sera au prix de lourds sacrifices face à l’archaïsme du jeu. À peine sorti, Elex semble déjà être un projet vieillissant, frustrant, mal conçu, doté d’une répartition anarchique de sa difficulté, le jeu fleur souvent bon l’amateurisme avec son scénario cliché, ses personnages sans charisme, son système de combats rigide et ses animations indignes de son prix de vente.
PlayStation Universe (Oct 16, 2017)
ELEX is bad in almost every way. It’s a poor attempt and impossible to enjoy anything outside of its interesting setting and backstory.
PSX-Sense (Oct 19, 2017)
Hoewel we erg negatief zijn over ELEX, voelt het ergens niet helemaal geweldig om deze game zo de grond in te moeten boren. Het concept had zo goed kunnen zijn, want er zitten echt interessante elementen in de game, vooral verhaaltechnisch gesproken. Al was er nu ook nog een kundig team met de juiste spullen geweest om deze game te maken, dan had het zomaar een parel kunnen zijn met slecht een paar vlekjes. Dit is echter één en al vlek. Ook al graaf je vijf meter diep door deze vlek heen... dan vind je alsnog geen parel. We hadden het graag anders gezien, maar ELEX is gewoon slecht.