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Falcon Age Credits (PlayStation 4)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Falcon Age Credits

A game by Outerloop Games

AnimationAung Zaw Oo
3D ArtAung Zaw Oo, Chandana Ekanayake, Darran Hurlbut
Pipeline ToolsAung Zaw Oo
WritingAung Zaw Oo, Cassandra Khaw, Chandana Ekanayake, Justin LaLone, Meg Jayanth
Visual EffectsBenjamin Golus
Graphics ProgrammingBenjamin Golus
UIBenjamin Golus, Chandana Ekanayake
Game DirectionChandana Ekanayake
Art DirectionChandana Ekanayake
Game DesignChandana Ekanayake
World DesignChandana Ekanayake
Level DesignChandana Ekanayake
StoryChandana Ekanayake, Meg Jayanth
Narrative DesignChandana Ekanayake, Meg Jayanth
2D ArtChandana Ekanayake, Darran Hurlbut
3D Character ArtDarran Hurlbut
Props ArtDarran Hurlbut
World ArtDarran Hurlbut
MusicJeffrey Pierce, Rob Pearsall
Systems ProgrammingJustin LaLone
Tools ProgrammingJustin LaLone
Gameplay ProgrammingJustin LaLone
Audio DirectionRob Pearsall
SoundRob Pearsall
Additional SoundBen Throop


AuntieEmiko Saraswati Susilo
Coloniser RobotsPhilip Brett King

Marketing & PR

Marketing & PROuterloop Games popagenda


LocalizationKeywords Studios

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Interactive EntertainmentAlisa Faber, Andrew Wong, Andy Eddy, Anthony Lipscomb, Blanca Nunez Ibanez, Brad Douglas, Brian Silva, Joel Pasqual, John Drake, John Kopp, Justin Massongill, Matt Milberger, Rob Primo, Shawne Benson

Special Thanks

Special ThanksAllena Hail, Amir Rao, Campo Santo, Chet Faliszek, Dan Teasdale, Dave Noble, David J. Edery, Donald Karl, Donna Lutkewitte, Funomena, Gayani Ekanayake, Greg Kasavin, Geneviève St-Onge, Howard Mostrom, Jake Rodkin, Jamie Cheng, Jane Ng, Kelly Wallick, Marie-Christine Bourdua, Neal Black, Nicolas Verge, Robin Hunicke, Robin Radloff, Sean Vanaman, Supergiant Games, Sylvain Dubrofsky
Family ThanksBeth Poole, Aidan Ekanayake, Cody Ekanayake, Kristine Golus, Alexina Golus, Barrett Golus, Hannah LaLone, Rie Shintani, Cher Pearsall, Rahimah Herd, Alison Pierce, Otto Pierce
In Memory ofChandana Rohan (2018-2018), Tim Cox (1965-2018)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (580391)