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Far Cry 4 Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Main title
Main menu
Soldiers are checking the bus
Taking a photo with the local tyrant
Info about game characters
Sneaking past the torture chamber
Escaping Min's fortress with the help of rebels
Using a sidearm to fire at Min's troops chasing you in quads
Enemy soldiers are hunting you... they're in for a surprise
Use your camera to tag the enemies
Heading up the long set of stairs
Throwing grenades at the attackers
Visit shops or traveling merchants to sell and buy items and weapons
Your loot bag
Purchasing weapons
Sleeping works the same way as in previous games... it progresses the game
Hunting animals and collecting herbs
Liberating bell towers uncover nearby locations of interest
Attacked by a hawk
There are several different types of vehicles you can drive down the roads
Meeting with the arms dealer
Enemy molotov infantry will rush around when on flames... try to avoid them at that point
Enemy reinforcements arriving in a helicopter
Off-road driving
Hostage rescue mission
Gliding above the enemy camp
Liberating outposts and earning trophies
Sometimes you'll have to choose who you want to side with and which missions you wish to undertake
This shot may have come from the grassy knoll
You need animals skins to craft various bags that will increase your carrying capacity
Meeting Hurk
A mini helicopter is a fast way to explore the island
Flying is faster then driving
Bell towers have fewer guards than outposts
Time to shut down the propaganda message
Mowing down enemy soldiers with a jeep
Use blowtorch to repair damaged vehicles
World map
Skill tree
Boat ride
Roof gives you better view of the enemy base and incoming reinforcements
Firing a mortar
Swimming in the river is highly discouraged
Watch out for enemy mortar fire
Talk to the topless women if you want to fight in the arena
Sniping stray guards
Fighting the demons in Shangri-la
Using grenade launcher to sink enemy ships
Enemy artillery is shelling the village
Assault on Min's fortress