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PlayStation Universe (Feb 22, 2016)
The world is beautiful and extremely well realized. The dynamic landscapes and unique locations are fantastic. The sounds of the world do a great deal to add to its beauty as well. Far Cry Primal takes survival back to the beginning, where scavenging for resources and crafting materials never made more sense. The brutality of combat immerses the player into what life in the Stone Age could’ve actually been like. The story is simple and without much flourish, and is accompanied by flavorful characters that feel regretfully unexplored. The gameplay of Primal however, is at a series best. The absence of guns isn’t even noticed, and the addition of carnivorous companions is extremely welcome and fun. Oros itself is beautifully crafted and just begs to be explored. There is plenty to do and you won’t regret taking the time to do it. Despite an underwhelming story and a few hiccups, the stunning world makes Far Cry Primal an experience worth going through.
Polygon (Feb 22, 2016)
By removing some of the more ostentatious tics from the franchise, Ubisoft has also removed many of the distractions from the beautiful, brutal land it has created for players to explore. This leads to the most immersive world in the Far Cry series, and one that didn't bore for a moment of the hours I spent attempting to tame it. I don't want every Far Cry game from here on to trade bullets for arrows, motorcycles for tigers, but Primal is an invigorating example of how to reimagine a tired franchise while keeping its soul intact.
The Jimquisition (Feb 22, 2016)
While other venerable franchises like Call of Duty are afraid to challenge themselves and make only halfhearted gestures toward invention, Primal plots a course through uncharted waters with a battle-tested vessel and actually commits to making its new ideas more than vapid window dressing.
The Games Cabin (Feb 21, 2016)
Far Cry Primal does enough to shake off the feeling that it's just Far Cry 4 with a different coat on. Exploration is the name of the game and the story kind of takes a back seat. Obviously the game follows the Ubisoft open-world playbook to the page and doesn't skip a beat, but it's actually a refreshing palette cleanser to do away with the futuristic shooters that have bombarded the market in recent years.
80 (Feb 22, 2016)
Far Cry Primal pourra dérouter les fans traditionnels de la série tant son contexte historique est éloigné de sa base, tout comme il pourrait rebuter les joueurs intéressés par son univers mais complètement hermétiques aux mécaniques de jeu de la franchise Far Cry. C'est cet entre-deux que Far Cry Primal gère de façon remarquable. Avec sa vision et son propos pour lesquels il a fait renaître une langue morte, le jeu d'Ubisoft Montréal développe son concept en l'habillant de visuels soignés, de combats brutaux ou plus furtifs suivant la personnaité du joueur. Grâce à son approche asymétrique du gameplay où le jeu fait cohabiter les manoeuvres complémentaires de Takkar et ses familiers, le jeu trouve sa propre profondeur.
IGN (Feb 22, 2016)
Far Cry Primal succeeds in transporting the Far Cry formula back in time and comes to the table with a quiver of neat ideas and a dangerous and fascinating open world. The visceral and varied combat is fun, the beast-based gameplay is a winner, and the lure of camp-claiming, gear-crafting, beast hunting, and resource gathering remains irresistible. It’s weakened, however, by a disappointing lack of investment in its story, some often forgettable quests, and its vanilla villains, which unfortunately combine to make Primal feel like a step back from the memorable moments of Far Cry 3 and 4.
70 (Feb 23, 2016)
Far Cry Primal is a perfectly entertaining game, but it’s a hard one to get too excited about, especially when it seems as if only a few twists would’ve turned it into something considerably more interesting. As it is though it suffers from needlessly basic storytelling and a general lack of vision. Although it’s no disaster it does feel like a backwards step for Far Cry, and gives no real hint as to what its evolutionary future could or should be.
Giant Bomb (Feb 22, 2016)
Far Cry: Primal feels like one long, optional side mission.
55 (Feb 23, 2016)
Es geht nicht um Realismus! Aber um Glaubwürdigkeit, also das passende Zusammenführen inhaltlicher und interaktiver Elemente. Und das verpasst Ubisoft auch beim Inszenieren der Hauptfigur Takkar, vorgestellt als Jäger der Steinzeit, in Wirklichkeit Superheld mit übersinnlichen Fähigkeiten. Mächtige Tiger und Bären kommandiert er wie Drohnen: Das ist nicht nur albern, es lässt sowohl die Jagd als auch viele Gefechte gegen seine Stammesfeinde zur spannungsarmen Pflichtübung verkommen. Trotz des noch immer unterhaltsamen, dynamischen Wechsels aus Schleichen und Schießen verkümmert in Primal ausgerechnet der Shooter, in der Vergangenheit das hervorstechende Merkmal der Serie.(...) Far Cry Primal erhebt "Hinlaufen und Knopfdrücken" zum Spielprinzip – schade, dass die Serie auf dieses Niveau gesunken ist!
Diehard GameFan (Mar 01, 2016)
It’s not a bad game by any stretch, it’s just a disappointing one.