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Random Access (Jun 18, 2018)
The game isn't too terribly long, provided you're good enough and have a smart enough load-out, but it is a challenging and fun time. The music is also pretty catchy; I'll slap a couple songs down at the bottom for you to listen to. If I can have one major complaint, controls aside, it's that colors they use for spikes and spike traps mesh too well with the environment... like, my mind won't register that there's a spike somewhere until I've taken about 5 ticks of damage, utterly confused as to what the heck I'm taking damage from. Oh! I was sitting on a spike, how silly of me. Bleh. Seriously, I've died so many times simply because the spikes don't stand out as not being a background object. But that aside, I don't feel like this is a bad time. The pixel art is quality, the music is hype, and the game goes for 15 or so bucks. It's digital download only for you on this, unless you've got some serious dosh to shell out for a physical copy.
Video Chums (Apr 19, 2017)
2017 has been a phenomenal year for gaming so far and I must say that Flinthook is up there with the best. It'll put you on the edge of your seat and keep you wanting more so if it sounds like your kind of game then you owe it to yourself to give it a download.
GameSpew (Apr 21, 2017)
What Flinthook might lack in lore, story, and cohesion, it more than makes up for with its boatload of personality and style, all of which find themselves backed up by some of the smoothest 2D platforming gameplay around. It’s all built around the hook, and once you put in the time to master it, you’ll almost certainly be anchored.
75 (May 21, 2017)
Dès les premières secondes de jeu pad en main, on sait que Flinthook nous fera passer un bon moment. Arborant un pixel art du plus bel effet et empruntant des éléments d'action et de plateforme, il se distingue sans mal des autres Rogue-like du marché, sans non plus s'inscrire comme un incontournable. Le dynamisme qu'il dégage grâce à sa maniabilité très plaisante et ses mécaniques de jeu simples parviennent tout de même à le hisser au rang de jeu addictif sur lequel on revient régulièrement pour passer un bon moment.
God is a Geek (May 02, 2017)
Flinthook would have been a much better game with handcrafted levels as opposed to being a roguelite and one that needs some tweaking visually.
MAN!AC (Jun 01, 2017)
Charmante Pixel-Action mit flinker Steuerung – die Kombi aus hoher Schwie- rigkeit und Roguelike-Elementen nervt.
Push Square (Apr 26, 2017)
While some may dismiss Flinthook initially, the game will sink its hooks into you if you give it a chance. The controls are sharp, the progression is satisfying, and the vibrant and unique art style will keep you smiling along the way.