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Flower Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Short introduction cut-scenes are comprised of a couple of still images with occasional light animations such as rain or passing cars
Each level starts with a single flower shedding one of its petals
At first you glide on the wind as a lone petal
Getting closer to the grass
Game pause shows the current status of the level you're on
The story starts with a single withering flower near the window
Touching other flowers adds their petals to yours
Heading up the hill
Swooping down on a small group of red flowers
Touching certain flowers will unlock new areas and new flowers to interact with
The more flowers you touch, the more colorful your trail will become
Glowing flowers that are not yet open can be interacted with
Reshaping valleys and meadows
A flowery trail
Bringing the life back into the center tree
Starting the red flower's story
Activating red flowers in the middle of a stone circle
Adding colors to a dull gray canyon
Leaving a purple trail
The canyon is starting to look bright again
Flying too high to see the ground colors
Often the petals in the trail will cover the screen you will have hard time telling which is head and which is tail until you move again
Each level ends by entering the vortex
Starting the pink flower's story
Use windmills to gain velocity
Passing through a dark cavern
The sunset will give a nice sparkling feel to the grass once you activate all the windmills
Starting the blue flower's story
It's getting dark, better find a way to light up all the light poles
Lighting up the grass by making a spiral pattern
Circle around a haystack to make it glow
Lighting up the light poles
Purple flower's story
Touching electrical elements will harm you
Touching nearby purple flowers will turn off the power grid
Fighting the darkness
Last stand against the darkness
Heading for the city walls
Revitalizing the city
Bringing colors to city buildings
Sank buildings start to rise and straighten up again
Removing the dull gray color from the city streets
Revitalized fans will help you reach rooftops in a second
City transformation
The playground
Speeding on a highway
Rebuilding the broken buildings
Heading into the heart of darkness
There are six flower stories in total plus the credits story