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Attack of the Fanboy (Feb 23, 2016)
While Hitman GO may have been tailor-made for the mobile crowd, it’s just as good on PlayStation with the new Definitive Edition. The same head-scratching puzzle gameplay that surprised everyone in 2014 is still great in 2016, and the fact that you’re getting all of the game’s additional content, upgraded visuals and cross-buy/cross-play for $7.99 is an awesome deal. If you’re a fan of puzzle games or a fan of the Hitman series you need to give this game a shot, as it blends both into a package that is a ton of fun to play.
PSN Stores (Mar 01, 2016)
The only minor nitpick I have with the game comes in a small handful of situations. There are some boards where the camera orientation will change depending upon where your game piece is. This mid-level shift impacts what direction you need to press and on a couple rare occasions caused me to screw up. That alone is my only (very) minor complaint and it happened so rarely that it’s incredibly easy to overlook. Hitman GO is fantastic no matter what platform you choose to play it on. Unlike some other games it actually understands what Hitman is about and stays true to that formula while giving us something unique.
Girl Gamers UK (Mar 09, 2016)
Hitman GO: Definitive Edition is a mobile puzzle game ported over to the PS4 and Vita. While it may still feel like a mobile game at heart, it looks stunning, plays really well and is well packed with content. For the refreshingly low asking price, this is worth checking out by both Hitman fans and the more casual puzzle playing console gamers.
TheSixthAxis (Feb 24, 2016)
Despite having enjoyed the original game on iPad, for some reason I didn’t keep it installed for long. In a weird kind of way, this console adaptation feels just as definitive as its title purports to be without really changing anything. Reflecting on this strange trail of thought, I suspect it has much to do with the presence of an actual game controller and time pressures often associated with playing games on mobile devices. Either way, Hitman GO: Definitive Edition is well worth the plunge, even at its current asking price. Although the cost has been inflated, you’d be hard-pressed to find a puzzle game of this calibre on PSN or Steam for just over a fiver.
80 (Feb 29, 2016)
Das elegante Spiel wurde sauber übertragen, indem man sowohl die Kulisse als auch die Steuerung angepasst hat - man kann übrigens auch per Touchpad auf PS4 loslegen und Speicherstände mit der Vita tauschen. Ansonsten macht das eigentliche für Touch & Tablet konzipierte Spieldesign auch auf den stationären Systemen einen richtig guten Eindruck. Es ist zwar letztlich ein einfaches Schiebe-Rätsel mit jeder Menge Trial&Error, aber aufgrund des exzellenten Artdesigns sowie der subtilen Integration der speziellen Fähigkeiten des Hitman, entsteht ein Spielgefühl, das der Tradition gerecht wird und Liebhaber des Killers zumindest so lange unterhält, bis er weider im großen Stil loslegt.
ZTGameDomain (Feb 23, 2016)
It’s fairly obvious that Hitman GO was a mobile game. That doesn’t make it any less of a game either, it just seemingly does feel more suitable “on the go” gameplay. Presentation is minimal in lots of ways with lack of vastly huge animations, or environmental effects. It’s all rather sublime and sterile in ways, but feels both fitting for Hitman and the board game flair but also a tad disappointing. The game can be downright addicting and frustrating all the same. It offers hints for how to complete them, though at the cost of an achievement. Hitman GO is a unique spin to a franchise and feels like the perfect combination of puzzle and strategy game, especially in quick bursts. I can only handle so much in one sitting, but every time I do play, I find myself sucked in just a little bit more.
GamesRadar (Feb 23, 2016)
All of the game's problems stem from the game's iOS roots, but they're still problems. And while the little things like the plastic police dogs or the bup-boop-bip of completing all three objectives fill me with happy feelings, I can't quite get past the feeling that I'm playing a board game on my own. Nonetheless, cross-save functionality, a Platinum Trophy and a blissful absence of microtransactions makes this a decent conversion of a good mobile game. If only Agent 47 always did what he was told.
Video Chums (Mar 03, 2016)
Hitman GO is an interesting spin-off for the already accomplished series. It's easy to play and quite attractive yet the gameplay ends up feeling more like a premise of a game than a fully fleshed out experience.