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Invisible Inc PS4 is a mediocre adaptation of the original version, but that source material is of the highest possible quality. The layered strategic elements of Invisible Inc are second to none, while the roguelike elements provide literally limitless replayability. The story is peripheral and the UI isn’t living room optimized, but the gameplay is deep and diverse in a way few games can claim. Anyone who likes to use their noodle while they play would be remiss to pass up this fantastic title.
The steep challenge of Invisible, Inc. Console Edition is certainly not for everyone. However, for those up for it, Klei Entertainment's latest effort is a thrilling and excellently crafted adventure set in the world of futuristic espionage.
PlayStation Universe (Apr 26, 2016)
As overwhelmingly terrifying as it can be to learn, Invisible Inc just so happens to be a ridiculously compelling experience. The congregation of turn-based strategy, stealth and roguelike seems like an odd grouping, but my word, it works so very, very well.
Push Square (Apr 30, 2016)
In a genre that's traditionally concerned more with open combat, Invisible, Inc.'s stealth focus is a revelation. Chock full of smart game design, you're gifted plenty of options in how you approach your mission, and despite having so many tools at your disposal, it remains satisfyingly challenging, without ever crossing over into being unfair. While the roguelike progression could potentially be a downside for some, the high level of customisation around the difficulty settings will swiftly rob you of this complaint. Simply put, if you have even a passing interest in turn-based strategy games, you shouldn't let this exceptional title sneak under your radar.
Video Chums (Apr 22, 2016)
Hardcore strategists will be blown away by Invisible, Inc.'s challenging genre-blending gameplay. However, if you don't have the patience or ability to deal with devastating loss then this is not the game for you.
3D Juegos (May 09, 2016)
Klei Entertainment vuelve a hacer de las suyas con un muy buen videojuego de infiltración y estrategia por turnos que rompe con todo lo que habían hecho hasta la fecha en lo jugable, pero que mantiene intactos los altos valores de calidad a los que nos tienen acostumbrados. Desafiante en su acción y con amplias opciones estratégicas para que cada partida sea tan distinta como nosotros queramos, tan solo ciertos errores con la inteligencia artificial de los enemigos y un diseño algo discreto de sus niveles le alejan del sobresaliente.
Brash Games (Apr 28, 2016)
It's clear that Invisible, Inc. Console Edition is designed to be played and beaten or lost repeatedly from the persistent skill meters that transfer over to the next play through. Even though the mission lack variety in the mission objective, the challenge always varies depending on the enemy types and security set up. The equipment that you accrue changes the way you play by giving you a different variety of options with each replay. The procedural generated levels can seem to be a bit illogical at times but nothing that makes it mission impossible. It would have been nice to have had a multiplayer but I won't hold that against the game. Ultimately, Invisible, Inc. Console Edition is as challenging as you want it to be.
GameSpot (Aug 19, 2014)
Nonetheless, this emotional distance is merely a minor issue. I don’t care much about Invisible Inc.'s throwaway story and its last-minute grasps at meaningful themes, or about my agents’ personal backgrounds. Like the game, my efforts are focused on getting the job done, emotionally disengaged but intellectually centered. I bask in the stylish cutscenes and the sharp voiceover, but my attachment is not to the agency or its people but to the sheer pleasure of a successful heist.
God is a Geek (May 16, 2016)
Invisible, Inc. gave me a few moments of feeling brilliant when I actually did manage to complete a mission, but more often than not I was left frustrated by harsh rules and insane difficulty.