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Video Chums (Feb 13, 2019)
Jump Force features a massive cast of characters but its gameplay is definitely flashier than deep which makes it eventually become incredibly monotonous and tough to enjoy. Hopefully, Arc System Works will make Bandai Namco's next crossover fighter.
65 (Feb 15, 2019)
Ich möchte das feierliche Treffen von Shonen-Jump-Figuren wirklich mögen. Und im Falle des Kampfsystems, das sich in vielen Punkten an DragonBall FighterZ orientiert, holt mich Jump Force absolut ab. Die Effekt strotzenden Schlachten von Teams mit bis zu drei Recken sind leicht zu kontrollieren, bieten aber dennoch diverse Feinheiten, die hauptsächlich auf Timing sowie dem Wechselspiel von Aktion und Reaktion basieren. An der Kämpferauswahl mit über 40 Figuren aus über einem Dutzend zumeist namhafter Comicserien finde ich ebenso Gefallen wie an den Personalisierungsoptionen für den eigenen Helden. Doch im Umfeld hat Spike Chunsoft nicht alles rund zusammengefügt.
IGN (Feb 13, 2019)
If you’ve got like-minded anime fans who are down to smash some buttons and watch the sparks fly, Jump Force’s fighting system allows for at least a few hours of shallow fun before it gets stale and repetitive. The bland story feels half-baked and never does anything interesting with its impressive roster of beloved characters who’ve rarely or never had the chance to meet before, making this celebration of 50 years of Weekly Shonen Jump a disappointment overall.
GamesRadar (Feb 15, 2019)
An ambitious brawler that suffers from something of an identity crisis, Jump Force will nevertheless delight anime fans – especially those of a vintage who knows the more obscure characters included here.
Niche Gamer (Mar 03, 2019)
Really, Jump Force had everything going for it and there really is an alright game under all the slag, but there are just too many issues to over look to make this game a recommendation for anyone, even the most hard core of fans.
PSX-Sense (Feb 21, 2019)
Jump Force geeft ons een heel erg gemengd gevoel. Cross-overs zijn altijd leuk om te zien en Jump Force weet bepaalde vlakken ook wel te raken. Dit is écht een fighter die je gewoon even aan kan zetten met wat vrienden over de vloer, want er is nauwelijks een learning-curve. Maar daardoor gaat Jump Force ook erg snel vervelen, want je raakt er door de ietwat beperkte gameplay snel op uitgekeken. Het verhaal is ook niet interessant genoeg om je dat extra zetje te geven en audiovisueel is het allemaal een wat gemengd verhaal. Jump Force is leuk om even te spelen, maar het heeft helaas te weinig van wat dan ook om echt interessant te blijven.
55 (Feb 14, 2019)
La promesse était alléchante sur le papier, mais Jump Force ne répond jamais aux attentes placées dans un tel projet regroupant sous une bannière commune la crème des franchises mangas du Shonen Jump. Le fan service ne peut se suffire à lui-même. La réalisation datée et la direction artistique déséquilibrée laissent à désirer, malgré des combats épiques et nerveux quoique brouillons. Le titre de Bandai Namco profite simplement du 50ème anniversaire du magazine japonais.
Jump Force fails to hit the mark with a total lack of care in terms of everything outside of its decent fighting mechanics.
Unfortunately, Jump Force feels like an unfinished game that had a lot of potential and cause for celebration riding on it. The simple-minded combat gets old after just a couple hours, and almost everything in the hub world makes me question the creative process behind the game entirely. There’s no reason for players to see people they can’t interact with when it just takes up processing power that could be used to solve the game’s performance issues. The vast majority of any joy I experienced playing this game came from reveling in the cheesy dialogue and Garry’s Mod-level animations your character is condemned to in the hub world. If you’re looking for a solid fighting game, or if you’re looking to celebrate 50 years of culture-defining art and beloved characters, this ain’t it chief – you’re better off putting your Crunchyroll subscription to good use.
Way Too Many Games (Mar 15, 2019)
That was my experience with Jump Force. A rushed and poorly developed product that features bad visuals, gameplay, sound mixing, terrible loading times, and one of the most irritating single-player campaigns in recent years. What should have been a simple and more content-filled sequel to J-Stars ended up being a poor man’s Xenoverse with less polished controls. This is not what anime fans deserve. I’m not mad at you, Jump Force. Really, I’m not. I’m just very disappointed. I’ll just stick to J-Stars for the time being…