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Game Revolution (Dec 07, 2018)
Just Cause 4 fulfills the promise of what a Just Cause game should be better than any of its predecessors. Those titles laid the groundwork but Just Cause 4 has taken that foundation and tossed enough boosters and balloons on it to ride it into the stratosphere to its natural apex. The embarrassing wealth of flexible tools foster a sense of freedom, creativity, and stupidity that most open-world games only pretend to have. It’s Bayhem, gamified even down to the poor narrative. But the game also lets you become Michael Bay by giving you total control over the chaos you can create on the screen. That may not be a flattering comparison in the cinematic world but for a game like Just Cause 4, it’s one of the highest compliments.
Way Too Many Games (Dec 10, 2018)
Just Cause 4 doesn’t bring many new additions to the table in terms of gameplay, but it excels at being the functional and entertaining Just Cause experience the third game failed to deliver. The visuals might be ugly, but the gameplay is, for the most part, pretty great. Sadly, the developers took storytelling a bit too seriously without realizing that nobody plays these games for plot. If you ignore the poor story and visuals this game has to offer, you’ll be left with the epitome of dumb fun in modern gaming, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.
76 (Dec 06, 2018)
Zusätzlich zu den visuellen Schwierigkeiten wird man auch noch von der Fahrer-KI mit ihren unsäglichen Aktionen immer wieder unsanft aus der eigentlich stimmungsvollen Welt von Solís gerissen; außerdem ist die Gebietseroberung zu oberflächlich. Das ist umso bedauerlicher, da die Kernkompetenz der Just-Cause-Serie so gut umgesetzt wurde wie schon lange nicht mehr: In ihren besten Momenten lässt einen die explosive Action mit Bildschirm erschütternden Detonationen und Feuerbällen atemlos zurück. Aber das Potenzial dieses Szenarios wird über knapp 20 Stunden immer wieder ausgebremst.
70 (Dec 06, 2018)
Just Cause 4 est le digne héritier d’une saga débutée en 2006. Il émane de ce TPS en monde ouvert un sentiment de liberté enivrant propre à la série. Le titre d’Avalanche Studios conserve toutes les forces de la franchise, et certaines de ses faiblesses, mais améliore sa formule bac à sable. Les affrontements gagnent en intensité tandis que la carte tient un rôle central dans la progression. Cependant, les changements météorologiques n’impactent que trop peu une expérience au demeurant répétitive. Et si l’île de Solis est bel et bien une source de dépaysement, celle-ci souffre d’une technique ballottée par les intempéries qui ne rend pas justice à cette épopée décomplexée et libertaire incarnée par Rico Rodriguez.
Gaming Age (Dec 11, 2018)
Despite the negatives regarding plot, the weather elements, visuals and some ui issues, there’s still a very large and fun sandbox found in this title. I still will start the title to just to tackle the hundred plus challenges as well as trying to ensure I am on top of the leaderboard against my friends on the feats the game tracks. I’m sure Rico will still have more countries to liberate and hopefully the team will have gotten a handle of the Apex Engine.
PSX-Sense (Dec 11, 2018)
Just Cause 4 is de eerste titel waar ik mij mee vermaakt heb, terwijl ik de game tegelijkertijd ook vervloekte. Het is een rare balans van leuke gameplay in een fantastische sandbox vol mogelijkheden met slechte graphics en een slap verhaal. De missies zijn allesbehalve diepgaand en doordat ze vaak gerecycled worden onder andere noemers, ook nog eens ontzettend repetitief. Gelukkig is de framerate dit keer wel op orde, maar hiervoor lever je wel heel veel in qua grafische prestaties. Dan te bedenken dat de game vol zit met bugs, zoals auto's die door de map heen vliegen of zelfs 'game-breaking' bugs, waardoor je missies opnieuw moet doen. Fijn is anders. Wat betreft de nieuw toegevoegde weersomstandigheden, leuk voor de variatie, maar niet heel bijzonder. De eindscore wordt vooral gered door de basis gameplay, die heel sterk en uniek is en waar je dus het plezier uit zult halen.
60 (Dec 21, 2018)
Just Cause 4 er et herlig rot.
GameZone (Dec 14, 2018)
Just Cause 4 is fun when you're unloading lead, dancing around lightning, and blowing things up but it lacks significantly elsewhere. Avalanche has released a very unpolished open world experience that feels outdated visually and mechanically. To add insult to injury, the story feels bland and continues to make Rico one of gaming's most uninteresting protagonists despite his wide array of skills and gadgets. Just Cause 4 isn't a really bad game, it just has a lot of shortcomings and issues that hold it back from being something more than average at best and really mediocre at its worst.
Video Chums (Dec 30, 2018)
There's no denying that Just Cause 4 is a disappointing game with its generic gameplay and embarrassing graphics. There is some fun to be had in its action-packed world but I would have much rather played Renegade Ops 2 instead.