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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.8
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Destructoid (Nov 13, 2013)
I like Killzone: Shadow Fall for its change of direction from previous series games, as well as its change of pace over other first-person shooters. Guerrilla has tried a few new things this time around, and should be commended as such. I welcome the almost sandbox-ish level approach, and the stealth segments did a nice job of breaking up the standard shooting action. It’s really nice when gameplay concepts win out over big set pieces and cinematic events. Oh, and it’s beautiful. A stunner. Killzone: Shadow Fall is the game that will make you happy to own a PS4. This needs to be on your PS4 launch game list.
90 (Nov 13, 2013)
Il n'y a pas de doute, Killzone : Shadow Fall est bel et bien le jeu le plus attrayant du line-up de lancement de la PS4 : non seulement c'est un succès technique, mais c'est aussi une belle leçon de level design réussi et de scénario intelligent. Si le solo est flamboyant, le multijoueur est un peu plus classique mais il n'en demeure pas moins de très bonne facture. Bref, Guerrilla met la barre très haut dès le lancement de la PS4 et on espère retrouver bien vite d'autres titres de cette trempe sur la console de Sony.
Softpedia (Dec 06, 2013)
Killzone: Shadow Fall is a fun first-person shooter that more than shows off the power of the PlayStation 4 next-gen console. It looks great, its action is quite varied, and it offers players a lot of choices in terms of the online multiplayer. While there are a few issues as far as design is concerned, it manages to show that there's still life in the Killzone series.
InsideGamer (Nov 13, 2013)
De singleplayer van Killzone: Shadow Fall is enorm gevarieerd qua levels, wapens en gameplay-elementen, waardoor je je geen enkel moment verveelt. De OWL biedt spelers een aantal interessante tactische keuzes, waardoor bepaalde stukken zich goed lenen om een tweede keer doorgespeeld te worden met een andere aanpak. Daarbovenop komen nog eens de visuele details, de prachtige lichteffecten en de constant hoge framerate. De game is qua lengte geen uitschieter, maar de singleplayer alleen al is interessant genoeg om de game aan te schaffen. Op de multiplayer komen we rond de release van de PlayStation 4 terug.
PlayFrance (Nov 25, 2013)
Contrat rempli pour Guerrilla qui nous offre avec Killzone Shadow Fall une première vitrine technologique sur PS4 tout en n’oubliant pas d’y adjoindre un gameplay digne de ce nom. Alors certes la recette globale est connue et n’innove pas particulièrement, mais elle est parfaitement exécutée et bénéficie en outre d’un habillage qui nous fait entrer de plain-pied dans la next-gen. Vous vouliez savoir ce que la PS4 avait dans le ventre ? Voilà un titre qui vous en donnera une petite idée !
84 (Nov 28, 2013)
Kein Killzone war bisher so abwechslungsreich: Man pirscht durch Wälder, rennt über Bahngleise, erforscht Raumstationen à la Dead Space oder lässt sich an Geysiren in die Höhe treiben – es gibt neben intensiven Schusswechseln zudem angenehm ruhige Phasen. Und natürlich sah kein Killzone je so gut aus: Die futuristische Architektur ist eine Wucht, Licht und Texturen gehören zum Besten, was man aktuell sehen kann. Nimmt man den kompetenten Mehrspielermodus hinzu, ergibt das trotz offener Wünsche und ärgerlicher Defizite einen richtig guten Shooter. Viel Spaß auf Vekta!
GamesRadar (Nov 13, 2013)
Sure, Killzone: Shadow Fall has its lulls, but it's a mostly enjoyable experience from start to finish. This is no doubt the PlayStation 4's strongest exclusive launch title.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 15, 2013)
When you look past the gorgeous visuals, Killzone: Shadow Fall is a competent shooter in terms of both campaign gameplay and multiplayer offerings. It may not be the most innovative title on the market, but it’s certainly one of the top stars of the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup.
The Guardian (Dec 02, 2013)
There's no doubt that Killzone: Shadow Fall is far and away the best PlayStation 4 launch title. It feels fresh and innovative throughout – after playing it, we checked out Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PS4, which felt one-dimensional and strangely old-fashioned – looks stunning and through its beautifully fettled multiplayer side, offers infinite replay value. It towers above previous versions of Killzone in terms of quality and taking a much more interesting approach. All of which makes it the one must-buy exclusive in the PS4's launch line-up.
IGN UK (Nov 13, 2013)
Shadow Fall represents the Killzone series’ coming-out party – out from being a plodding, gray war shooter through hours of bland, linear corridors. Now, it’s something else entirely. Its single-player campaign suffers from some AI issues and dabbling in non-shooter gameplay it’s just not good at, but it’s still an enjoyable romp that challenges you to really think about how you’re approaching each fight. And then there’s multiplayer, as hardcore as ever but with a level of accessibility that will allow Killzone’s online community to grow and flourish for some time to come. There’s never been a better time for everyone to be paying attention to the Killzone franchise, because Shadow Fall is a step in an all-new, very welcome direction.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Nov 13, 2013)
I slutändan är Killzone: Shadow Fall ett trevligt stickspår som trots ett par irritationsmoment verkligen visar vad Sonys nya konsol går för. Jag älskar spelkänslan, grafiken, atmosfären, utmaningen, vapenbalansen, designen, ljudet och storleken på många av banorna. Guerrillas försök att erbjuda en mer allvarlig och mogen story inklusive ett par Bioshock-inspirerade vändningar och mer mänskliga karaktärer än i tidigare spel är ett välkommet inslag i en spelserie som alltid varit extremt nyansfattig. Alla de olika referenserna till öst/väst-Berlin, segregering, utanförskap, förtryck och rasism är smart utformade och det märks att man velat ge Helghast ett riktigt ansikte den här gången. Ett par ordentligt idiotiskt utformade uppdrag, ett svagt slut och ett antal eldstrider som mynnar ut i någon slags meningslös gissningslek drar dock ned betyget till en åtta. Guerrilla kan bättre än såhär, men som next gen-törstande actiontorsk är detta självklart ett spel du måste uppleva.
Gry Interia (Dec 16, 2013)
Killzone: Shadow Fall udanie rozpoczął karierę PlayStation 4 w dziedzinie gier akcji. Wartka kampania, łącząca w sobie akcję oraz taktykę, rzucająca nas w szereg różnorodnych miejsc, dobrze zaprojektowane i dające sporo swobody lokacje, do tego całkiem niezły multiplayer, a to wszystko okraszone grafiką, o jakiej jeszcze niedawno mogliśmy tylko marzyć - myślę, że to wystarczy, by uznać najnowszą grę studia Guerilla za sukces.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 20, 2013)
Shadow Fall beantwoordt aan het profiel van een launchtitel. De fenomenale graphics kunnen elke nextgen scepticus overtuigen, maar op gameplayvlak moet de volgende generatie nog ingezet worden.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Nov 15, 2013)
Killzone: Shadow Fall isn’t the best game for the PS4, but it is the Trophy Wife of the PS4 launch lineup. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and you’ll love to show it to be the envy of all your friends. But beyond the good looks, she’s actually kinda dumb, lacking personality, and can get on your nerves at times. Despite all of this, she’s still worth the price and can make you a very happy man if you know what you’re getting into.
73 (Nov 19, 2013)
All in all, Killzone is a fairly strong launch title. It won’t be iconic like Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, or Halo. It should be remembered far more favorably than Smuggler’s Run or Kameo, though.Games will get better in every facet for this generation of consoles. Look back at Killzone in a year and we’ll either be impressed at how good it was right out of the gates or the progress made by other developers will make this seem wildly overrated.
Financial Post (Nov 13, 2013)
Killzone: Shadow Fall is fun for what it is – a way to show off PlayStation 4 – but it’s not going to be the sort of hardware-selling exclusive killer app that Sony would have liked for the launch of its new system.
70 (Nov 28, 2013)
Shadow Fall cumple con creces como título de lanzamiento para PlayStation 4, especialmente a la hora de demostrar las bondades técnicas de la nueva consola de Sony, pero en cierto modo da la sensación de ser un paso atrás para la franquicia de Guerrilla al perder parte de esa personalidad que lo hacía especial y diferente al resto. El multijugador sorprende por su solvencia (aunque su éxito dependerá de la existencia de una comunidad bien asentada, algo complicado con CoD: Ghosts y Battlefield 4 ya en las tiendas), pero la campaña es por lo general insulsa y poco inspirada, con un ritmo más que discutible. Este nuevo Killzone es, en definitiva, una opción recomendable para estrenar tu flamante PS4 y descubrir de qué es capaz, pero dentro de unos meses lo olvidarás en favor de otros títulos mucho más redondos.
70 (UK) (Nov 29, 2013)
Nine years ago, the first Killzone game offered us an unforgettable, iconic image: a gas-masked space Nazi, eyes glowing a malevolent ochre, standing under a cherry blossom tree. A strong start - and yet since then, the series has been groping for an identity that could live up to that look and set it apart from its FPS peers. It's never quite found it. It's all the more frustrating that Shadow Fall fails to establish that identity, because it gets so close in its early design and themes. It sets up an open-ended tactical shooter in a cynical world of sci-fi realpolitik - and then bottles it, taking the easy escape route of another suicide mission into empty spectacle. There's a lack of confidence here that contrasts starkly with Guerrilla's dazzling, sure-footed command of the new hardware. It's a game that any new PlayStation 4 owner will be proud to show off - but it won't be one they remember by the time PS5 rolls around.
Trusted Reviews (Nov 28, 2013)
Killzone: Shadow Fall is a beautiful-looking game and the perfect visual showcase for the PS4's hardware. The DualShock 4 controller support gives us a promising look at how other PS4 games can embrace the touchpad and speaker features as well. As shooters go, it's a solid effort. The ambitious story is not perfectly executed and the more open environments actually do more harm than good sometimes, but any Killzone fan will enjoy the single-player campaign and the visuals are as stunning as the trailers suggest.
GameSpot (Nov 13, 2013)
As much as I enjoyed my online time with Killzone: Shadow Fall--and as much as I will enjoy lots more time with it, unlocking perks that allow me to personalize my weapons--I missed Killzone 3's jump pack, which brought a nifty nimbleness to the battlegrounds. I missed it in Shadow Fall's disappointing single-player campaign, too, which sorely needed a shot of adrenaline. Where I look back fondly on Killzone 2's finest single-player moments, the moments I recall here are those in which I wandered through corridors and rocky meadows wondering where the bad guys were. Luckily, Guerrilla Games remembered what drew me and many others to the front lines of online war, and it's here that Shadow Fall emerges from the rubble and flies into the electric skies.
TechRaptor (Nov 26, 2013)
Killzone Shadow Fall attempts to prove its mark with the big boys with beautiful graphics, but ends up being completely average and failing with level design and AI issues.
Giant Bomb (Nov 17, 2013)
The campaign is a real drag, but Shadow Fall's multiplayer props up the package with its fun, configurable action.
Killzone: Shadow Fall is beautiful. During the PlayStation 4’s launch window, that’s true enough that anyone anxious for a pretty shooter will probably want to give it a shot and then keep playing just to see what spectacular vista lies around each new bend. The multiplayer modes add some welcome longevity to the overall experience, as well. There also are a bunch of trophies that should keep obsessive gamers busy for a long while (including one for surviving through the whole campaign without dying once, which I can’t imagine myself doing in this lifetime). Given the relative lack of gorgeous shooters available for the platform for now, this newest Killzone is a perfectly reasonable stopgap until something more refined comes along. If only it offered a consistently enjoyable experience to match its persistent beauty…
Polygon (Nov 13, 2013)
That absence of meaningful evolution might be Killzone: Shadow Fall's biggest sin. For all the next-gen bluster of its visuals and the repeated blunt-force attempts to ram a message home, Guerrilla's first shot on the PS4 retreads shooter cliches, and poorly. In a launch lineup crowded with shooters, Killzone: Shadow Fall sits at the bottom.
The Video Game Critic (Dec 10, 2013)
The stages are long and there's no indication of your progress being saved. The boring melodrama between missions is apparently meant to mask the load times. I can only recommend Killzone: Shadow Fall to die-hard fans of the series, and even they might want to think twice.
Diehard GameFan (Dec 13, 2013)
So it’s a mixed bag. The game looks fantastic. The multiplayer is solid but not spectacular. The story is predictable but tolerable. A decent launch title to show off what the system can do graphically. If only the game was fun the entire way through.

antstream tournament