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All in all, I look forward to spending more time with the game and highly recommend it to the longtime Kingdom Hearts fans out there, as well as recommending the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 remixes on the PS4 to newcomers. It’s overall a great third installment in spite of some issues, a long time coming and definitely worth the wait.
90 (Feb 12, 2019)
En heidundrende vakker og enormt variert avslutning på Kingdom Hearts-eventyret.
Game Revolution (Jan 29, 2019)
The game’s breakneck finale—when it eventually does get there—makes up for everything: It makes up for the series’ confusing plot; it makes up for the fact that it takes nearly a whole day’s worth of playtime to reach that moment; it makes up for the hokey stuff about believing in your friends and, golly gosh, light will save the day. When the credits finish rolling, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ve played a game like no other. Kingdom Hearts 3 was always going to beat to the sound of its own drum, that much is abundantly clear from the outset, but that nagging doubt can go away now: Kingdom Hearts 3 stuck the landing and serves as a truly outstanding end to Sora’s story.
88 (Jan 25, 2019)
Kingdom Hearts 3 ist mehr als die Summe seiner Einzelteile, mehr als eine Franchise-Mischung von Disney- und Square-Figuren. Es ist trotz kleiner Schwächen ein Erlebnis, das mich durch ein breites Spektrum an Emotionen führt und sich als eines der herausragenden Action-Adventure dieses Jahres etablieren wird.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 31, 2019)
Kingdom Hearts III doet perfect wat we verwachten. Het vechten: beter dan ooit. De Disneywerelden: adembenemend mooi. En het hoofdverhaal: nog steeds onnavolgbaar ingewikkeld.
IGN (Jan 24, 2019)
I thoroughly enjoyed Square Enix’s evolution of Kingdom Hearts’ gameplay and fidelity to Disney’s beloved animated movies. While the storytelling could use some punching up, Square has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of these worlds while giving us a massive toolbox for battles and exploration. Even as I watched the dust settle on the story I wanted to jump right back in to collect everything. But to see all of the events of the Kingdom Hearts games so far culminate is, frankly, weird. Having been given so much time to ruminate, its specific resolutions aren’t all that surprising, but only a marginal impact is lost as a result. I still loved seeing so many characters from throughout this series interact in new ways and rekindle old bonds. It’s nice to see that, even so long after the very first game, Kingdom Hearts 3 is so full of heart.
GIGA (Jan 24, 2019)
“Eine gleichermaßen lustige wie auch traurige Geschichte, die dich zugleich zurück in die Vergangenheit führt als auch in die Zukunft der Kingdom Hearts-Serie weist. Du begegnest zahlreichen bekannten wie auch neuen Charakteren aus den Disney- und Pixar-Filmen und wirst mit so vielfältigen Aufgaben konfrontiert, dass zu keiner Zeit Langeweile aufkommt.”
84 (Feb 11, 2019)
Das eigentliche Conclusio der Story war mir persönlich, zugegeben, etwas zu klischeehaft, doch auch damit kann ich in Anbetracht all der anderen äußerst willkommenen Awww-Momente des großen Finales gut leben. Zusammenfassend: Kingdom Hearts III ist kein perfektes Spiel und meiner Meinung nach auch fern des besten Spiels der Reihe, aber es tut das, was ich mir als Fan gewünscht habe: Es führt alle Stränge zusammen, gibt mir eine ordentliche Portion der gewohnten Kingdom Hearts-Feels und liefert einen Abschluss des Xehanort-Bogens, mit dem ich zumindest gut leben kann. Für mich war das genug.
PlayStation Universe (Jan 31, 2019)
Kingdom Hearts 3 is a lot to take in, from the intricate narrative to all the nods to Disney. As a whole, the game has some shortcomings, but its charms and heart have something immersive enough for everyone.
RPG Site (Feb 07, 2019)
I wouldn’t say Kingdom Hearts III isn’t any less of a confusing place to start if you were looking to make this your first dive into the franchise. With that being said, Kingdom Hearts III is a masterful game when it succeeds and a mediocre one when it simply doesn’t.
Niche Gamer (Feb 13, 2019)
Kingdom Hearts 3 may not be perfect, and the story may be messy, convoluted, and glacially-paced at times, but the series has always had a ton of heart. The gameplay and awesome setpieces on offer in the third-but-actually-tenth installment of this franchise, to me, more than make up for the occasionally awkward dialogue and saccharine character interactions.
Way Too Many Games (Feb 20, 2019)
Kingdom Hearts games have always been fun, and Kingdom Hearts III is the most fun of them all. Beautiful, massive world explorations, entertaining sidequests, not to mention oddly addicting handheld throwback retro games to play on your Gummiphone, there is a lot to do in this game. Turn your mind off and don’t question the plot, just let it run its course. As much as I enjoyed the game, for closure purposes, I can only hope this is the end of franchise’s run, but at the end of the game, the door has been left wide open for more, and undoubtedly confusing, possibilities.
GamesRadar (Jan 25, 2019)
Still madder than a box of frogs, but its magical Disney charms make it worth the long wait.
80 (Feb 04, 2019)
Kingdom Hearts III avait beaucoup de choses à dire et à montrer. En tant que prétexte à un voyage dans les mondes de Disney, il est envoûtant de bout en bout, ceci grâce à une direction artistique exemplaire qui s’adapte constamment au sujet. Il offre une surprenante variété de gameplay et attire constamment l’oeil, grâce à ses combats dynamiques. Toutefois, la redondance des affrontements et son scénario ultra condensé qui se perd dans des dialogues peu inspirés auront parfois tendance à agacer ou à lasser. Rien qui devrait vous éloigner bien longtemps d’un A-RPG de grande qualité, qui ne manque pas de scènes épiques.
GameZone (Feb 19, 2019)
Kingdom Hearts III is a confusing and sometimes tiring fireworks display of ambition and passion. The charm and wholesome nature of the Disney worlds, the flashy and frenetic battles, the gargantuan scope and scale of it all, all of this works in its favor to be something really unique but there's a lot dragging it all down too.
Riot Pixels (Mar 23, 2019)
Если вам по душе анимационные картины Disney и Pixar и вы хотите заново пережить некоторые ключевые события из них – добро пожаловать в Kingdom Hearts 3. Впрочем, от повторного просмотра самих мультиков (на ум приходят «Рапунцель» и «Лило и Стич») эмоций будет больше. Высокую оценку поставить не могу, хотя лично мне игра очень понравилась и даже превзошла ожидания. Серии нужны сильные сценаристы. А Зеанорта давайте забудем как страшный сон.
Edge (Apr, 2019)
This is a PS2-era JRPG that would have been a revelation ten years ago, parts of which have been updated along the way in an effort to keep up with the march of time, and parts of which have suffered in the attempt. It's a bizarre mix of the antiquated and the contemporary that has struggled to extricate itself from its own tangled mythology. The problem is that - despite the glossy veneer and the best of intentions - it shows.