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L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Splash screen
Title screen
In the office, getting familiar with the controls
Calling the dispatch
Driving to the crime scene
Reloading a shotgun
Shootout with bank robbers
Night driving can get too dark at times, even with the front lights on
Using the flashlight to search for evidence in the alley
Various items can be picked up, checked for clues or thrown
Checking the gun chamber of a weapon found at the crime scene
Standing in front of a mirror
Visiting the suspect's apartment
Searching the victim's pockets
Questioning the witness
Checking about the murder weapon with the local gun stores
Fist fighting with the criminal
Don't touch the hair.... not the hair!
Says here he's guilty, so he must be
List of available cases
Checking on the secretary
Replacing the patrol car with the detective car
Somebody took the wheels, but not the car
Questioning the nosy old geezer
Waiting for my partner
Trying to find out if the wrench found at the crime scene has been taken from this garage
Talking to a car dealer
Anna Rodriguez is not going to incriminate her boyfriend
The suspect is guilty of not washing the dishes
Car chase
The Silk Stocking Murder case
Leaving the diner
The murder victim is... well, naked
Following the trail of blood
Driving at high speed to our next location
The victim's room
Questioning the landlady
Attacking the police is not good at all
Checking the neighbors heard something
Nice view from the balcony
Arresting the murderer
Driving a convertible
Returning fire
Shootout at the canned soup production line
Searching the desk for clues
That's a flamethrower
Fighting the badguys in the sewers
Flamethrower is deadly at close range
Saving Elsa
Cole's funeral