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Lara Croft GO Screenshots (PlayStation 4)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Splash screen
Title screen
Main menu
Classic skin
Hitman skin
Deus Ex skin
Just Cause skin
Core Classic skin
Stage select screen
The Entrance stage, starting level
Navigating past the snakes
The Maze of Snakes stage map
Taking out a snake from a distance with a spear
Leading the lizard right into my trap
Lara barely escaping the giant serpent
Entering the dark caverns
Pushing pillars to make a path
Pushing boulders to squash the lizards on the lower level
Gallery of collected artifact fragments
Lara loves doing unnecessary and incredibly difficult acrobatics
Torches can be used to repel spiders and snakes
Activating the arrows trap to take out the chasing lizard
Fighting the giant snake
A leap of faith
The Cave of Fire stage map
Rapelling down
Crystal enemies reassemble themselves a few turns after they get shattered
The door handle takes 6 turns to retract and close back the door
An itsy-bitsy spiders on the wall
Leaving the pillar on the squashed crystal snake will prevent it from reforming
The chasing creatures keep on piling
The Mirror of Spirits stage map
The Croft trophy room
Entering the mirror world
Glowing vases contain collectibles
An old castle
Switching worlds with your mirror self
While controlling both real and mirror Lara, both must survive the level
Back to reality