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Lumo Credits (PlayStation 4)

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Lumo Credits


Lumo, byGareth Noyce
MusicPhil Nixon (credited as Dopedemand)
Character ArtPaul Large
TestingNiko Mäkelä

For Rising Star Games

Managing DirectorMartin Defries
Vice President (RSG Inc)Phil Robinson
Production ManagerHelen Neaves
Developer RelationsMartin Mathers
PRTyrone Walcott, Gary Burns
MarketingDaniel Osuna Pérez, Lee Skittrell
Digital MarketingSamuel W. Elphick

For Just Add Water (Development) Ltd

CEOStewart Gilray
CTOSteven Caslin
ProgrammingJohn Gray
ArtThomas Bramall, Ryan Buck, Stephen Dalzell, Laura Dawes, Brett Lewis
Quality AssuranceMartin Akehurst
SupportMatt Glanville
Thanks ToElliot Gilray, S, F & O


Zzap!64 logo ©Oliver Frey
Zzap!64 logo used by kind permission ofOliver Frey, Roger Kean
Multiface II used by kind permission ofRomantic Robot London []
Raspberry Pi (TM) used by kind permission ofthe Raspberry Pi Foundation []
Llamatron used by kind permission ofLlamasoft Ltd []
Pimp My Spectrum used by kind permission ofAte Bit []
Head Over Heels used by kind permission ofJon Ritman
Chimera used by kind permission ofShahid Ahmad
Alien 8 map used by kind permission ofWil Overton
Amaurote screenshot used by kind permission of the Pickford Bros []
Rex Screenshot used by kind permission ofJason Austin
'Hold My Hand Very Tightly' used by kind permission of David Wilson
'Jack the Nipper' sprite used with kind permission ofIan Stewart, Greg Holmes (creator)

Kakehashi Games

Japanese Localization byTaichi Yokoyama


Hat tips, Salutes & HugsAnna Narinen, Ste Pickford, John Pickford, Gary Penn, Rob Fearon, Stewart Gilray, Shahid Ahmad, Jeff Minter, Toni Pippola, Pasi Pekkanen, Paul Grenfell, Matthew Simmonds, Roger Keen, Oliver Frey, David Wilson (Whistlin' Rick), Liz Upton, Alexander Goldscheider, Antti Ikäläinen, Arto Härkönen, Steven Randell, Barry Cairns, Rik Olpin, Jim McCauley, Mike Daw, James Cope, Billy Thomson, Gary Liddon, All @ Ruffian Games, Ivan Zorzin, Andy White, Guy Simmons, @Chinnyhill10, Wayne Keenan, Wil Overton, Ultimate Play The Game, Jon Ritman, Bernie Drummond, Everyone from Your Sinclair, Uncle Clive, And you...

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (202823), MusicFox (2766) and Jake AM (9477)